Men Take Care Of That Ingrown Hair

How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs On Your Face

Ingrown hair can become an eyesore for you as well as others. They can be painful and even get infected. Learn how to prevent and take care of ingrown hairs.

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You have most likely had some experience with ingrown hairs on your face because of shaving. They appear as little bumps, much like pimples do, and can really get out of control if they are not treated properly.

There are always ways you can help to prevent ingrown hairs and there are always ways men can treat and take care of ingrown hairs.

However, if you want to stay away from seeing a dermatologist (a skin expert), and trust me you do, then you need to learn how to prevent them and practice the prevention methods to keep ingrown hairs at bay.

Men know shaving is just another part of the morning routine that, well, they could do without. It is not exactly something fun to do.

Plus, you can get nicks, razor burn and cuts. That is no fun at all, especially right before a meeting or an interview. However, getting ingrown hairs is much worse than getting nicks, razor burn or cuts.

What is An Ingrown Hair?
An ingrown hair happens when a hair curls back inside of your skin through the hair follicle. This creates the bump on your face or neck. You may have had ingrown hairs heal on their own over time, but some will get worse.

Treatments to Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs
You can try using tweezers to pluck the hair and get rid of it. However, this also has some risks – it could create another ingrown hair and irritation in your hair follicle as well as on your skin.

Electrolysis is another method some people use to get rid of stubborn ingrown hairs that will not seem to go away no matter what you do. This will take care of the problem for good because electrolysis will kill the hair follicle not allowing any more hairs to grow there.

Men Take Care Of That Ingrown Hair
What Kind of Hair Causes Ingrown Hairs More –
The curlier your hair is the more likely you are to get ingrown hairs. You will also get them more on your jaw line and chin than anywhere else.

Men Take Care Of That Ingrown Hair
Preventative Methods and Treatment Options –
There are some good products out there that can help you prevent getting ingrown hairs and help you treat the ones you have. However, you should begin with good shaving manners. Never shave against the way your hair grows. Always shave with your hair grain.

When you are getting ready to shave get ready to relax as well. If you are tense your muscles in your face can be tensed up too. This is not good. Relax the muscles in your face as you make each stroke. Always use a sharp and clean blade.

Add another simple step to your routine before shaving. Get a good exfoliant and scrub away at your face – not too hard though. This will help get rid of any dead skin cells that would otherwise be in the way and allow your hairs to stand up ready for you to cut them.

If your hairs seem too tough to shave properly take a nice hot shower before you shave to make them moist and soft. Use a good moisturizer or aftershave to help protect your skin after you shave. They will help keep your skin healthy and lessen the possibility of any irritation.

Ingrown hairs can be nasty and stubborn. By using the simple steps above you can treat and prevent those ingrown hairs, so shave happy!
Men Take Care Of That Ingrown Hair

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Men Take Care Of That Ingrown Hair
Men Take Care Of That Ingrown Hair

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Men Take Care Of That Ingrown Hair

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