Men And Body Image

Men and body image share many of the same issues as women have with their body image.

You may think that body image issues are a women's thing and you have no right complaining about your body. This is very wrong.

Body image is not just something that women think about. The media can change a man's body reflection, and muscles are not always what makes it.

You have every right to feel the way you do about your body. With all of the influences of the media (TV, magazines, newspapers, and more) all have an effect on men and their body image.

You just can't seem to avoid perfect men and body image. There are even billboards of men with no shirts on selling just about anything.

These men do not look like most men you meet at work and in other social situations, do they? Of course not!

hey are usually very chiseled looking and seem to have no body fat at all. Have they ever eaten anything that has been fried? It may not look like it. And what's with the chest hair, or lack thereof?

They always seem to be smooth as ever, completely hairless. This is quite enough (maybe too much) to craft the entire male population feel a bit uncomfortable.

Somehow the representation of a man's good-looking body has changed over the years. It has been a slow change, and many have not noticed it until now.

In the past you might glance at any model and consider to yourself well, yeah, I could achieve that look as well with some personal training. Then you go out and join a gym to get in better shape.

Men's Image Today

muscular male

The images of men you are challenged with today are vastly different than those before. The looks of these male models seem far less attainable for you.

In order for you and your average Joe pals you would have to go to a gym, obtain some laser hair elimination over your entire body, search out hair transplants for your head, and make habitual voyages to your local spa to get facials.

Even then you would only come a little bit closer to achieving that look. This is probably not the weekend you may have had in mind.

men and body image

Always A Marlboro Man

There are cycles in what is beautiful and what is fashionable for men and body image.

It can be very difficult to keep up with all of these constant changes in the beauty and fashion industries. Do you recall Sweatin' to The Oldies with Richard Simmons?

He had a bit to say about this cycle, "We seem to go from rugged to smooth, rugged to smooth. You're either the Marlboro Man or you're the Surfer Boy.

You're a cowboy, or you're a lean, mean swimming machine". Simmons illustrates the extremes men can take with their body image.

muscular man

You just might be the cowboy or a surfer boy. However, not all men take to these extremes. The good thing about male celebrities is that most of them have healthy and realistic bodies.

Just think about Matt Damon, Hugh Jackman and Wolverine. They all have realistic and healthy bodies.

The media may have come to like the current male model style of beauty and fashion, but just like everything else in the media it will pass. Be yourself, be healthy and you will be fine.

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Men And Body Image
Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: March 21, 2015

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