Meg Ryan Celebrity Hair Styles A Casual Layered Shag

meg-ryan-shag-hairstyle.A Meg Ryan Hair Style Is A Great Part Of The Meg Ryan Picture
Meg Ryan has been seen in a wide variety of hairstyles through her high profile Hollywood career. She has worn her tresses long and sleek, in cascading curls and in short messy shags.

Although almost always a blonde, the shade varies along with her changing hairstyles.

One thing that has always remained the same, is that Meg Ryan’s hairstyles are one of the most frequently copied celebrity looks by women all over the world.

One of the reasons that Meg always looks fabulous is because she makes certain her hairstyles flatter her features.

Meg knows what works well on her, and even more importantly, what does not. Her combinations of cut and color blend beautifully as a stunning style package.

Meg’s look appeals to women because her hairstyles are the blend of simplistic sophistication that so many of us wish to emulate.

Meg has a beautiful heart shaped face and knows what the best styles are the best to compliment her facial structure.

The Bobs, and shags she wears, that fall just below the jaw line or longer with layers that frame her face or ends that flip out gently completely flatter her features.

One of the favorite Meg Ryan hairstyles is the messy, yet stylish, wavy hairstyle she has worn in the past. This look was created by starting with a layered bob cut that had angled pieces and layers around her face.

The addition of a slightly off-centered long bangs and a tapered neckline provided this look with a touch of softness and sophistication. Although perfectly suited for fine to medium hair that contains natural wave or slight curl, this sexy and slightly wild look can be modified to work with almost any hair type and facial features.

The hairstyle is wonderful in that it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and is very easy to maintain. As you can see, Meg Ryan transitions from her most formal celebrity evening gowns to her casual jeans beautifully. In more recent years, Meg has been spotted with a trendy, updated look to her famous hairstyle.

The new version consisted of a shattered razored precision style with a blend of funky longer layers. This fabulous hairstyle was fashioned using an open straight razor as a substitute for the standard hairdressers' scissors.

Depending on the texture of your hair, this style can range from smooth to choppy. This hairstyle is perfect for practically all hair types, however if your hair is wavy or curly you may need to work with straightening balms.

Her most copied hairstyles are the playful layered short curly bob or the flirty shag.

The bangs on this hairstyle are left long and brushed casually to the side.

Style Steps Meg Ryans Layered Shag Hair Style
List Icon Use a gel on the roots of your hair to add volume.
List Icon Blow dry lifting , using a brush to lift your hair up at the roots.
List Icon To add wave, scrunch your hair as your drying.
List Icon Rub a small amount of pomade on your palms and smooth over your hair, scrunching if desired.

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Meg Ryan Celebrity Hair Styles

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Meg Ryan Hairstyles ~ Meg Ryans Short Curly Bob Hairstyle

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