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Medium Length Updos

Soft Medium Length Updo

Soft And Easy to Style

Medium length hair is perfect for being swept into a fabulous updo.

Whatever event is in your future, a medium updo styles can take you there with flair and sophistication.

This is not only an easy medium updo; it is very versatile as well. You can completely personalize this medium updo to wear to any event.

It is so simple to wear this easy medium updo in different styles. With a few simple changes, this medium updo can be perfect for wedding styles or funky styles.

Style Steps

To achieve an easy medium updo on your own at home, simply follow the steps below.

  • If you have bangs, begin by sectioning off a half-moon shaped area for the bangs in the center front. Use a hair clip to keep them out of your way.
  • Use hot rollers or a curling iron to create curl into the rest of the hair.
  • After, secure it back into a ponytail. Make sure all the hair is smooth and secure it with a covered rubber band.
  • Pull a small section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around to conceal the band and fasten it with a bobby pin that you slide underneath the band.
  • Divide the rest of the ponytail into five or six ribbon-like strands of hair.
  • Comb each ribbon into a smooth, loose curl and secure it with a bobby pin hidden inside the curl
  • Place each of the curls wherever you desire.
  • Back comb for more height if desired.
  • Spray lightly with hairspray or spray wax to hold.

For a more sophisticated touch, you could use a strand of pearls or a thin satin ribbon and weave it into the curls as you place them.

Or, you could even create flirty bangs by smoothing them to the side and letting them lay slightly over one eye with a touch of curl at the end.

Medeium Length Updo Hairstyle

Style Inspiration

Celebrity Updos With Medium Hair

We all know that the stars are always up on the latest trends. Celebrities often wear their hair in an updo for the events that they attend.

Famous beauties such as Paris Hilton, Kate Bosworth and Keira Knightley can all be seen wearing easy medium updo’s.

You too can have great celebrity hair for your next night out. At this year’s Oscar’s, Jessica Alba wore her hair in a stunning updo style.


Jessica Alba Soft All Back Updo

This medium updo can be just as easy for you to do to your own hair.

Style Steps

  • Take one-inch sections of dry hair; spray with a firm-hold spray.
  • Using a curling iron, start in the front and curl toward the back of the head.
  • Start at the back of the head, take a small sections of hair, no more than two inches, and place a one-inch bobby pin through the hair about five inches from the crown.
  • Twist the hair and push the bobby pin down into the scalp.
  • Loop the rest of the strand and use a half-inch bobby pin to secure to the scalp.
  • Separate each side into two pieces and loosely knot each section twice. Pin the ends underneath at the back of the head.
  • Spray the top section of hair, as you are pinning sections back, pull the hair toward the back of the head.
  • lf you have bangs, spray, tease and comb the section back.
  • Take a bobby pin and slide it across the hair and tuck.

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Medium Length Updos
Updated December 15, 2012

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