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Medium Length Hair Cuts

Layered Medium Cut

The Best Of Both Worlds

Medium length hair cuts are a terrific option for those who do not want to wear their hair too long, or too short.

It will allow you some length to play with without weighing your hair down.

A medium haircut is a great starting point if you already have long hair and are not sure if you’re ready to go totally short.

It gives you some time to get used to a new look on you without having to commit to a short hairstyle.

Layers Can Work Wonders

A medium length hair cut with layers is a great option for when you are growing out a short haircut. Layers hide many flaws and are a time and frustration saver when you hair is in those in between stages.

Women who have any hair type at all can wear a medium length hair cut.

If your hair is curly, tame your flyaway strands by rubbing some pomade between your palms and smoothing it gently over your tresses.

Nicole Ritchie


These days, Nicole Richie is sporting a sleek and sophisticated medium hairstyle with eye-catching side swept bangs. This look is very flattering to all face shapes and grows out with ease.

To get this look, have your stylist cut in a few face-framing layers and thin out your hair. This is done so that your look is not bottom-heavy.

Add Highlights

You could also consider changing your look even more by getting highlights as well. If you have naturally curly hair, this style can still be yours.

You could opt to have your hair professionally straightened, or you could simply use a flat iron at home.

This easy medium hairstyle can be topped off with a misting of high gloss spray.

If you have naturally curly hair, you do not need to own a flat iron to have a flattering medium hairstyle. Embrace and enjoy your curls.

Tame them a little or tease them to the max, either way, a sleek and easy medium hairstyle is yours to have.

Picking the right medium hairstyle to work with your curls can show off your facial features beautifully.

Style Inspiration

Courtney Cox


Courtney Cox a star of one of the most popular television shows in history always looks stunning.

Her medium length hairstyle is perfect for day and with a few adjustments can be jazzed up for a dynamic evening look. Emulating Courtney’s medium hairstyle is very easy to do.

Get Her Style

Although possible to copy no matter what your hair type, this style does work best if hair is straight or has a loose wave

You will want to start with a shoulder length layered style that is cut with long bangs and an off centered part.

The hair is tapered through the ends to soften the neckline. With a few adjustments Courtney’s layered style can work with most face shapes

Styling this medium length hair cut is as easy as combing a dab of gel mousse through damp hair and blowing dry.

If you do not have the time to blow dry, you can opt brush your hair into place and air dry.

When the hair is dry, brush loose, part and mist with spray gel. If desired, you can curl the ends up with a large barreled curling iron.

After curling, brush a puff of foaming mist spray through the hair. This will give your locks extra texture and shine. Mist hair lightly with hairspray for hold.

Get Her Color

You can color your hair like Courtney’s as well. If your hair is light brown, dish water blonde or graying use a permanent rich dark brown tint.

For an extra glow, you could opt to add chestnut brown low lights. Although obtainable at home, for the best results consult a salon colorist.

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Medium Length Hair Cuts
Updated December 15, 2012

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