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Medium Hair Styles Gallery 3 ~ Soft Flipped Styles

medium length hairstyles heather locklearLess bother than long hair, with more length to play with than short hair, having a medium hairstyle is to have the best of both worlds.

Your hair is your crowning glory, and you want it to shine.

Each hair type requires different handling to achieve the maximum sheen.

For hair that is fine, a shampoo containing wheat proteins and polymers will ensure a healthy glow.

The hair shaft will become coated making it appear to be thicker. A good spray volumizer will add depth while leaving your locks looking vivacious.

Medium hairstyles with normal hair require a shampoo fortified with silk amino acids.

This will be gentle of your hair while repairing its structure. When styling your medium length hair, use gels and creams. This allows your tresses to gleam without being weighed down.


If your hair is thick and coarse, you can still have amazingly shiny locks. Pomades will not only deliver shine but will also apply the extra needed moisture you need.

Heather Locklear is one famous woman whose medium length hairstyle has always looked fabulous. To duplicate Heather’s look is not only easy, but also attainable for virtually any hair type.

Start with a medium length layered cut. You will need an off centered part with a long fringe. To style this medium length hairstyle takes no time at all.


arrow Comb a dab of gel or mousse through towel dried hair
arrow If hair is wavy or curly also apply a dab of straightening balm
arrow Blow-dry with a paddle brush until smooth
arrow Part hair into sections, using clips to separate if desired
arrow Curl ends up with a large barreled iron or large hot rollers
arrow Tease hair at crown for extra volume if desired
arrow Spray with hairspray for hold


mens fine hair daniel craigs hairstyle



mens fine hair daniel craigs hairstyle

virtual medium hairstyles heather locklear

Medium Hair Styles Gallery 3

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