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There are times you may feel as if you want to make a hairstyle change. If you currently have a long hairstyle, going short is not always an simple decision.

medium textured hair style

Casual Medium Styles

Taking your tresses to a medium length makes the adjustment far easier. By the same token, if you’re tired of your short haircut, you may not want to be burdened with long locks. A medium hairstyle may be just what you need .Stunning movie siren Michelle Pfeiffer has mastered the medium hairstyle.

Michelle Pfeiffer medium hair style

Although her cut is often the same, she always manages to look somewhat different with each role. Medium hairstyles provide endless versatility. Duplicating her look is possible for anyone with a medium hairstyle. You will need a shoulder length Bob with tapered ends and brow brushing bangs.

Style Steps

Apply a touch of mousse or spray gel throughout towel dried hair

Lifting from the crown with your fingers blow-dry for volume

When dry curl the ends with a large barreled curling iron

Lightly mist with hairspray for hold

If desired, spray lightly with spray shine

Uma Thurman

uma therman medium hairstyle

Another big screen diva, Uma Thurman also enjoys the flexibility of a medium hairstyle. With the right medium hairstyle, you too can look like a star.

All it takes is a cut with contoured layered shape with soft tapered edges. Shorter through the top and sides with length in back and an off centered part with long bangs brushed to the side.

Apply mousse or shaping gel to towel dried hair


Curl with a medium barreled iron or hot rollers

Using your fingers place curls where desired

Lightly mist hairspray for hold

Spray on a spray shine if desired

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