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 Do you know the condition of your hair? For your hair to look its best you will have to know a little bit about it. The more you can learn about your hair, its texture, and condition the better you will be able to care for it and make any needed improvements.  

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Shiny And Healthy Styles

There are two different sections to a strand of your hair: the hair root and the hair shaft. Each plays an important part to the condition of your hair.

The Hair Shaft

The hair shaft is what grows out of the hair follicle, each shaft of hair consists of three parts the cuticle, medulla, and the cortex.

The Hair Cuticle

The cuticle is the outer layer of your hair shaft and what holds your hair together. The cells or scales that make up the cuticle layer are made up of cells or more commonly called scales as they overlap similarly to the scales on a fish. When your hair is healthy hair, the cuticle scales will lay flat. When your hair is damaged these scales are broken or missing altogether.

This cuticle layer is important protecting the heart or the cortex, the layer beneath your cuticle. The cuticle is also the largest section of your hair made of long molecular chains of amino acids or protein.

Hair Is Protein

To have a head or beautiful hair it is well worth knowing how important that protein is. Your hair is close to 97% protein and contains 19 of the 22 amino acids.

The old saying you are what you eat, is so true when it comes to our hair, it directly effects the condition of our hair and the quality of our protein supply to nourish hair. If your hair is breaking, cracking and splitting or suffering dryness, brittleness, and lack of luster you can bet your protein intake has something to do with it.

Hair Vitamins

  • Vitamin A produces shine, Vitamin B enables healthy hair growth, Copper is for your hair color, a lack of copper may show as gray hair. 
  • Vitamin E effects both hair thickness and gloss. 
  • Silicon is another mineral that forms cross-links with the keratin in the hair and copper helps decide color pigment.
  • Zinc is a mineral that aids hair growth and helps to strengthen your hair shaft.

At Your Roots

Just under the skin surface of your scalp is the root. The hair follicle encases this entire hair root but it is the papilla where everything happens. This papilla nourishes the hair shaft with a rich blood and nerve supply that can produce hair cells.

If you pull out a strand of hair at the root you will see the bulb, a white sack on the lower part of the hair that covers the papilla. Your hair is under constant attack from daily lifestyle: lack of sleep, stress, smoking, and lack of water.

The pollutants in our environment and what we afflict on ourselves through rough handling, harsh hair products, blow-drying, flat irons, and curling irons. Even how we comb and brush our hair will have an effect on hair condition.

Hair Condition

Is your hair healthy? Healthy hair will have these characteristics; The hair will have a smooth texture and feel and will hold a curl well. It will be shiny in appearance with no split ends or breakage.  The scalp will be clean and healthy. Hair loss will be slight averaging 75 – 100 hairs a day, with strands lost including the bulb. This hair does not break halfway up the hair shaft as with dry or brittle hair.

Is Your Hair Dry?

One does not have to do a test for dry hair; you know right away when you have it. The dull appearance with a frizzy texture and split ends are the first giveaways. Hair s lost daily are up to 75 – 100 + and this hair breaks anywhere along the hair shaft. Dry hair feels dry to the touch. It will bounce back when quenched with moisture and gentle care.

Damaged Hair can be the result of mistreatment, chemical processing such as coloring, and straightening, the hair is visibly dull, frizzy, and with split ends. The texture may be coarse and the scalp may have problems as well.

If your hair is in a severely damaged state it is worth considering going short or very short and starting over, rather than trying to restore damaged hair to normal. View the medium hairstyles in medium hair gallery 1 and be inspired by the variety of styles you could choose. The trendy inverted bob or an asymmetrical haircut may see you through this as well.

It is well worth the effort to get your hair into top condition and protect it so that it can stay that way.

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