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This all-American star with the boyish baby face has a great sense of humor, and an appealing ease about him. Matt Damon has shown that he’s a multi-talented fellow who doesn’t take himself too seriously (check out any of his work with BFF Ben Affleck, particularly his turn as an angel gone awry in Kevin Smith’s "Dogma”).

matt damons hairstyles And who can resist that charming, apple pie grin or, onscreen, what secrets lie beneath it?

At the early stages of his career, his hair started out floppy long and blonde, befitting a "Good Will Hunting” or "Talented Mr. Ripley.” 

He fit into a young pretty boy mold, sweet faced, blue eyed, and innocent.  As his roles grew up though, so did his style. 

His haircuts have become shorter and a bit more masculine, less teeny-bopper. 

He’s even brought back a bit of a flat top ‘do that shows off his strong, angular bone structure.  He does pull off a businessy, conservative hairstyle like nobody else, though.

Look at his casual blow dry ‘do in "The Good Shepherd.”  This evolution from boy next door to tough guy has been documented throughout his career.

While Matt does like to change his hair to suit his film role of the moment, he often reverts back to a very short, slightly messy haircut, sometimes reminiscent of a military flat top. 

This look flatters his very square jaw and shows off his clear skin and blue eyes. 

matt damon short hairTo work a stylish, clean cut and preppie hairstyle like Matt Damon’s, you’ll have to start with the right cut. 

Longer in front, and either parted on one side or brushed back, the rest of the hair is cut short and tapered around the sides and neckline.

When hair is damp from the shower, apply a volumizing mousse or shaping gel and comb hair forward before styling the front back to dry naturally. 

When hair is dry, add a dose of shine with a glossy pomade or shine spray. 

If it’s Damon’s modern flat top you’re after, go for uniformly short hair, with a bit more texture cut into a squared off crown. 
Work a dab of styling gel through damp hair and give it a spike. 

Now Damon is in his early thirties, with an occasional sweep of stubble and even a touch of gray at the temples. 

He’s a father and still choosing roles that challenge and entertain audiences. 
Even pal George Clooney feels that he should be "Sexiest Man Alive!"

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