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Mandy Moore is not just young and beautiful; she is chalk full of talent as well. It is impossible to dislike Mandy for all of her terrific attributes however because she seems so genuinely nice as well.

Mandy Moore broke onto the entertainment scene as a breath of fresh air. When it appeared as if almost every teenager in the music and or movie business was flaunting their bodies to sell an album or movie tickets- there was Mandy, someone incredibly different

Now it is true that Mandy would probably look stunning even in a paper bag, she never showed off her body. In seemingly no time at all, Mandy Moore had made a name for herself in the music world as someone who could sing a song like few others.

International recognition as a singing sensation was not enough for Mandy however and soon she was found breaking into the movie business.

mandy moore updo hairstyleThe director of the runaway hit movie "American Pie” is also bringing a new movie to the big screen- "American Dreamz”. "American Dreamz”, is a comedy whose spoof type entertainment will keep you laughing throughout.

Lightly based on life perhaps, "American Dreamz’ takes an interesting look at what exactly people will do when they think they have a chance to become a singing superstar on the movie’s fictional singing show.

With such shows on the air these days as "American Idol”, "American Dreamz” does not have a shortage of material in which to work from. In fact, there is even a somewhat spoiled host of this pretend show played by mega-star Hugh Grant.

Mandy Moore plays a sweet as syrup blonde from the Midwest is as would be expected, picked on strongly by said host. They both do an excellent job in making their parts come to life.

"American Dreamz”, also gives us Dennis Quaid who plays his role of a President who had up until this point suffered from the Ostrich mentality of head in the sand disbelief of what the world really is like.

There is also the character of Omar a wanna be terrorist who stumbles into being a finalist on the fictitious "American Dreamz”, much to the chagrin of his cousin, who’s star filled dream it was in the first place. Omar may be a finalist on this show, a position coveted by many, however this does not stop the expectations placed upon him by his higher-ups- which in this case happen to be orders to assassinate the President.

As luck would have it for Omar, he will not need to skip his appearance on "American Dreamz” to fulfill his commitment as the President is slated to be a guest judge on the program for the finale.

Although some may have problems with what can be construed as a plot with little resemblance to reality, it really does not matter in the sense that this movie is meant to be about the characters of the film.

Mandy Moore does an incredible job in her role of a more than determined southern belle. She is willing to all but pour a mint julep over the head of anyone who stands between her and what it is that she wants.

Hugh Grant as always does a fantastic job in his role as a selfish host who just has to have his say. It is true, the assassination part of the plot really has no depth or merit, but without it, there would not be the characters of Omar and his cousin that offer up numerous laughs.

"American Dreamz” unfortunately falls short of being the black comedy hit that it raced towards becoming. A big part of this movie being a miss, rather than a hit has to do with the ending- which was a let down.

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Mandy Moore Fun And Fantastic In American Dreamz

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