Makeup Tips And Color For Mature Redheads

These makeup tips and color for mature redheads will help you complement your fair skin tone and complexion. There is a Danish proverb that says, "It is an honor to have a child with red hair." Through the ages, redheads have either been cursed for witchiness or idolized for their mythical qualities.

Makeup For Fair Redheads

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Blondes and brunettes beware, there will never be nearly the lore and legend bestowed upon us as on our redheaded counterparts.  Luckily, only four percent of the world’s population is naturally carrot-topped, so the competition shouldn’t overwhelm the rest of us with more common colored locks.

Ginger haired gals get noticed. Think Rita Hayworth and Lucille Ball, two drop dead red-hot ladies. Whether your red came out of a bottle or you come by it honestly, makeup for red heads is a different sort of animal.

Natural redheads tend to have very fair complexions.  Opt for a sheer foundation if you can stand it, especially if you’ve got freckles.  You’ll spend a lifetime trying to cover ‘em up, and it shows! 

Embrace those "fairy kisses” and instead work on evening the skin tone, preferably with something sensitive skin friendly, as the pink undertones in redheaded faces often render the skin vulnerable to irritation and redness. Choose foundation shades with a neutral or golden base to help temper a ruddy coloring.

No makeup color is really off-limits to a particular hair or eye color; it’s just a matter of finding the right variation that works for you.  Some are easier to pull of than others, though, and beware of overpowering shades.  Your hair should remain the boldest color north of your shoulders.

Warm peachy shades on the cheeks are virtually foolproof for a redhead  as are golden shimmers for the eyes, veering even into bold bronzes, especially for blue-eyed gals. 

Those warm, earthy tones will flatter and emphasize your features. Eyebrows and eyelashes can be a ginger girl’s great beauty challenge.

If your color is natural, your lashes and brows may be almost transparent, and if it came from a salon, your coloring may clash.  

To darken lashes without overpowering them, choose dark brown or charcoal mascara instead of black. Make sure to apply smooth, even coats for the most natural appearance. 

Applying Makeup For Redheads

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Brows can be shaped and defined with a soft auburn colored powder and a stiff bristled angle brush. Brush the color with the growth of brows, and blend out for the most natural appearance. If red eyebrows scare you to death, a neutral taupe shade should work out just fine as an alternative.

Don’t give up your passion for red lips just yet!  Redheaded women can still work a bold lip color, the trick is to just find one in the same color family as your hair.

For instance, a dark auburn haired gal should seek out some blue-toned reds, and a strawberry blonde could find a red with a bit of a gold hue.

Apply Makeup Mature Redhead

If you are a fair skinned redhead with freckles as I am, you know what a challenge it can be to find the right shades of makeup. I have used warm colors that blended beautifully and evened out my skin tone and still gave me a natural look. Just remember to add some brighter color for blush or lips so you do not fade out with too much monochromatic brown.

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