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Makeup How To Apply Under Eye Concealer

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Do you have a secret that needs to be hidden? You can trust concealer , the unique problem solver that is a quick solution to a common problem.

Do You have dark under eye Circles that are telling your secrets? Dark under eye circles and under eye discolorations turn out to be extremely common and will result from a number of factors. Several you can have control over but one you will not.

Common causes of under eye circles and under eye discoloration.

Lack of sleep
Poor Circulation

Learn how to apply under eye concealer to hide your’s makeup that works over time for you.

Makeup How To Apply Under Eye Concealer

The above causes do need life style changes on your part to show improvement, how soon you will see the results differs amongst us. A cause you cannot control will be that of hereditary, more information on this at Water For Beauty

If your parents or grandparents wore dark eye circles, there exists a good chance you will as well. The good news is that you can instantly vanish those telltale shadows with the use of an amazing little makeup product, called concealer.

Concealers can do the job, foundation alone cannot. Foundation alone may not be enough to cover your dark under eye circles as it is transparent and is simply not formulated for coverage of this type. Concealers are created with a denser composition than your foundation and perfectly designed for their intended use.

Concealers come ingenuously designed for small area coverage and action; are not the makeup product for full-face application A quality concealer with a dry texture will last the longest as the cream base can adhere to your skin. A liquid concealer tends to run or travel and has a tendency to melt on you if the temperatures rise.

Corrective concealers designed for coverage of tattoos, acne, scars, and temporary blemish breakouts are now appearing on the market.

Our goals in this makeup how to is for you to find the right shade of concealer and learn how to apply concealer for the maximum coverage and still leave you with the desired natural look.

The New Concealers

Over recent years the following companies have each come out with their own concealer, EsteeLauder, MAC, Shiseido, RevlonColorstay, Kanebo, Physicians Formula, Maybelline, YSL, Beaute, Dior , Bio Lift, and Clinique airbrush concealer to name a few.

Under Eye Concealers are now available in formulas and consistencies that range from stick, cream, airbrush, pencil, and waterproof. Application tools will vary with concealers applied by sponge, brush, wand, -tip, and as you will see, the fourth finger.

One of the best under eye products in the world and fast becoming the favorite is Benefit”s boi-ing - 01-light - concealer ( also available in medium and dark shades} This amazing industrial-strength concealing cream helps erase your dark circles, discolorations, and imperfections. It keeps your secrets for you.

Applied thick or thin, boing leaves you with today’s trendy look that is fresh, natural, photogenic, and long lasting. Users of Benefit’s boi-ing range from men, women, teens, and even children.


Color Choices

In your efforts to hide your dark under eye circles you may be making the same common mistake four out of every five women make. That big concealer mistake is trying to hide the circles under a too light shade of concealer. You will create the little white mask, which not only will not reduce the shadows but also only emphasize the dark area, instead of concealing them.

Your skin tone will be your guide as to which shade of concealer will best suit you. Ideally a concealer should match your skin tone exactly, that match is rare so it is still safe to go one-half to one shade lighter than your under eye circles.

As under eye circles are typically have a blueish or purpleish tone covering with a pink based concealer will have them appear grey. Not the desired effect. A golden toned concealer such as will counteract the blue-purple tones and look the most natural for you.

For extremely dark circle, {and we have all had those at one time} you can go with dropping down one full shade lighter but you will have to be much more cautious with blending when you apply .A good trick is to keep the color above your eyes. If you have freckles, you will want to match again your skin tone and not the shade of your freckles.



To enable your concealer to perform the best for you take this important step of moisturizing first You will avoid the crepey look and feel and the concealer will not pull or tug this most delicate eye area during application.

The first step you will take to prepare your face is gently apply an eye cream, the ultimate choice would be Benefit's eyecon - eye cream concealer to your under eye area followed with your moisturizer that you use your face.

The products should be allowed a few minutes to absorb into your skin, here you can multi-task, start hair, make morning coffee, or check your e mail. When times up, use a tissue to blot away any excess products, whatever is going to be absorbed has done so by now and you do not need or want any extra remaining.

Your under eye area is now smooth and moisturized, ready for your makeup. Apply less adding more only if and where can see you need to. You can apply your concealer with the application tool that feels the most comfortable in your hand and that you find the easiest to blend with.

Some choices are wedged shaped sponges, fine tipped brushes, an old but cleaned lipstick brush or your fourth finger.

makeup steps Place put two to four equally spaced little dabs of concealer, starting just beneath your inner corner of your eye and then follow the sloping curve up to the point that is parallel to your eye iris.

makeup steps Many women look best and prefer concealer placed just slightly below dark circles.

makeup steps You can now apply your foundation and then any remaining eye makeup you choose.

makeup steps Stand back from the mirror and give your self the smile test.

makeup steps Smile into your mirror and as you do check you eye area that the concealer is not heavy in any fine lines. If so, very gently blot away the excess with a tissue


Use Your Fourth Finger As Your Makeup Brush

Using a Q-tip, place a small amount of concealer on you fourth finger. Place as above, step two To blend start at the outside corners of your eye moving inward and back moving out again.

Use the most delicate dabbing or stippling movements and apply with the lightest pressure possible. Ensure to place concealer to the inner corner of your top lids and also apply to the inside of your nose bridge.

You can finish off with these options: To avoid creasing during wear you can dust lightly with a light, sheer, translucent powder.

Brighten and lighten even further with Benefit's eye bright. If you under eye circles are especially dark you may want to try applying additional concealer over your foundation. Smile Your eyes never looked better!


Under Eye Treats


Your Lyin Eyes

Benefit conceal lyin eyesBrush on camouflaging confidence with lyin' eyes. With a click-click of the brush you've got a lightly tinted under eye corrector that's speedy & quick.

Keep it in your bag to spruce up your look anytime, with or without makeup.

Available in 3 shades by Benefit

Ooh La Lift

Benefit conceal oohlaliftThis magic pink balm helps to de-puff and firm the under eye area so you look years younger.

With a special blend of botanicals & light reflecting pigments, this is for all of us gals who want eyes that look young and fresh.

The cooling sensations feel so darn good you’ll want to use it all day long… we say go for it… the perk me results are instant, and the feel good sensation is ‘right now’!

How to use ooh la lift:
Dab 3 dots with wand directly to puffy under eye area, under or over makeup
With fingertip, gently pat the balm in starting at the inner eye and working outward.
Patting keeps the reflecting pigments in place, so don’t wipe, smear, or over-blend.


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Makeup How To Apply Under Eye Concealer

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