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Makeovers The Before And After

New Hairstyle ~ New ~ Makeup ~ New You!
Some gals will have a seasonal make over and transform for each new trend, while others may turn to a makeover for a life event such as returning to the work force.

This can be major, or as easy as cutting bangs into your style or even choosing a never tried before shade of lipstick. Women are well aware that a new style or hair shade can lift your spirits or build up your confidence.

This can be major, or as easy as cutting bangs into your style or even choosing a never tried before shade of lipstick. Women are well aware that a new style or hair shade can lift your spirits or build up your confidence.

hairstyle makeovers before and after
Helen has always worn her fine hair short or mid length. This is actually a good choice but to look in top form it must be trimmed about every six weeks.

This particular cut adds much needed movement, volume, and shape. " I was never the girly girl type, But you know, feeling pretty is not that bad!"


haircut before and after photos

By choice, Nicole has always had and always will have long hair.

All that was needed here were some long layers that Nicole can easily manage by leaving to dry naturally.

For a little glamour, Nicole has mastered the curling iron that sat for so many years. Did we say, A little glamour?

makeover before after

Camille had decided enough was enough. The last visit to a salon sent Camille home with the " over sixty poodle perm" Our first advice to Camille, find a new salon.

Second, we went for a hairstyle that was short but very much modern. Layers were the solution, giving volume where needed and Camille the added bonus of complete manageability.

I suffered from salon phobia, I did not know how to communicate with a stylist or choose the right salon. "Knowledge is Power"

before and after pictures hair

Cherie was trying to "grow out" last years haircut. A battle seldom won. Here, a perfect cut, note how the wispy bangs do not add weight to the front of the style.

"How did I feel before?
Help, I need a makeover, and now?
Polished, and it feels good!"



before and after makeover

Jenny has a beautiful smile, which just needed the perfect frame, rather than holding onto length just for the sake of it.






before and after makeovers

I knew it was time for a Makeover when I was sitting at my desk at the law offices of Turner and Shaw.

A client walked in and asked me if I could please tell my father that he was here for his 10:00 appointment"!

A classic bob that moves in the corporate law world with authority. "

I decided to make another makeover as well, In June, I am going to be married to Turner."


makeovers before and after

Everything about Jan is fast paced and high energy. Except her hair. Baby fine. Jan had kept in on the longer side thinking ponytails would save the day.

Practical, but not much fun. This short sassy look works for Jen in every way. After swimming her morning laps, she can leave it to air dry and then just finish with a little wax.

A little mousse or gel yields a more defined look for dress up.


hair makeovers before and after

As anyone with thick hair knows it can be as much of a curse as it is a blessing. Leah did not know how to manage the bulk and had very little time to spend on her hair.

As a buyer for a leading ladies wear chain, Leah traveled allot, a new look had to be easy to manage and look as fashionable as her job.


Bulk and thickness were removed to leave a more modern and shaped style. "I always thought it was a trade off, your hair could not look great and be easy to manage at the same time am delighted to find out how wrong I had that one"


before and after hairstyles

I was more than just camera shy, I hated the camera and avoided any and all that I possibly could.

When their daughter announced wedding plans, Linda knew it was time for her makeover.

A shorter, layered bob for the mother of the bride and the girl who now flashes a beautiful smile for any picture.

" Does anybody know were the paparazzi are?"


before and after haircuts

Marie was feeling the years creep up on her. Her hairstyle was a long bob she had worn well for years was now leaving her looking hollow and drawn.

This new layered look lifts the face and removes ten years. Good for both hair and spirit.



When I turned fifty, I gave myself a present, my fortieth birthday! Happy Birthday Marie You look marvelous.


before and after makeover pictures

Rebecca's complaint was that she felt her hair always looked " lank and lifeless".

Maurice Meade agreed that her hairstyle needed some lift and volume added. The secret was using layers, two actually.

A combination of short and long layers were blended in and Rebecca now has a look that is full of life and style.


before and after bob hairstyle makeover

Is long, long hair needed for a sexy look? Not by these pictures. Sometimes letting go of a grown out raggy style is the sexiest thing you can do!






makeover pictures before and after

Angela had but one request,"Make me look glamorous"

Working with Angela's oblong face shape, this feature was softened by adding width at the face and cutting in a fringe/bang. Warmer and richer was the direction for both make up and hair color.

We now see beautiful brown eyes with a million dollar smile "I thought this would be fun for a night out, I can't believe it when I can leave for work at 6:00 am and I look like this!"


makeover picture before and after

Chris had hoped the longer length of her hair would help make her look younger. The experts at Maurice Meade tell us this is a common mistake.

The length was actually working against her, dragging facial features down and adding years in the process. Christine also had to deal with naturally dry hair.


The new trendy style will only ask for regular trims and the soft layers are more manageable for Christine.

" This makeover did me a world of good, I started walking in the evenings again and lost 10 lbs." "We were going out for dinner, did my favorite black dress fit? I don't know I went out and bought a new one!"


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