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Being on a tight budget does not mean you have to sacrifice looking spectacular on Prom night! Once you have your perfect dress picked, it is time to accessorize with a lovely pair of shoes.

Online shoe stores offer you an extensive selection of beautiful shoes for your Prom for young women on a budget.

When you need to be on a strict budget when shopping for your Prom, there are a few options available for you. You could opt to spend the bulk of your budget on a fancy dress and spend less on other items.

But as the right shoes for Prom are an essential element to your overall look you are going to want to set aside some funds for those too.

You of course need shoes that compliment your gown perfectly, but always keep in mind that the Prom night is long, and there is sure to be dancing involved. It is essential that your shoes for Prom will be comfortable all night long.

You can find shoes in such a lovely range of colors, styles and heel height for wonderful prices when you shop online. Browse page after page of pictures of shoes until you find the ideal pair to flatter your dress.

Everyone at Prom seems to notice sexy shoes, even on a girl who is wearing a full length dress. We found a site that featured a gorgeous metallic dress shoe with an ankle strap that was available in the eye-catching colors of Pink, Silver, Bronze or Gold. They would be sure to dazzle the crowd at your Prom.

If you are wearing an open toed shoe or sandal you are going to want to make sure your toenails are looking their best. A pedicure the week of Prom will leave your feet ready to dance. You can choose polish that matches or compliments your dress or choose a French Pedicure or clear polish.

Although the shoe below ids very pretty, a little shine on the model's toenails would have perfected her finished look.

If your shoes are open at the back check that your heels are not dry and rough looking, start applying moisturizer daily now.

pretty prom shoesIf you cannot picture yourself dancing the night away on 2 3/4 inch heels try encasing your feet in a beautiful Ballerina style flat.

Or consider a lower 2-inch heel if you still want some height. You will still be stepping out in style when your Prince comes to whisk you away to the Prom.

In a 2-inch heel will showcase your feet beautifully and if the shoe fits properly will not cause you discomfort. This versatile height also gives you a shoe you can wear again and again.

You can have a shoe in the exact shade you desire to match or compliment your dress when you choose dyables. You will find dyables in most of the styles of regular shoes but are usually a fabric shoe.

Your choices for Prom and Grad choose range from those adorned with Pearls and sequins to shoes in neutral shades and fabric.

When choosing your heel height do consider the height of your Prince Charming, you do not want to be towering over him!

You know how a new pair of shoes can hurt until you break them in and they stretch. Wear your new shoes inside for a few days to help soften them up.

Tuck a little pair of fold up slippers into your bag in case of a shoe emergency, if those 3-inch stilettos just won't let you take another step, you can switch over to these.

If and when you do have a chance to sit down during the night try to slip your shoes off for a few minutes to give them a break, at dinner would be ideal. And if the table has a floor length table cloth you can even stretch and wiggle your toes.

Do not let a limited budget stand in the way of allowing you to look fashionable on your Prom night.

The right shoes are important Prom night accessories.

With the endless supply of shoes and reasonable prices online you will be dancing with your date in style.


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