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Long Hair Looks For Spring 2007

Everything Long Is Smooth Again!

long sleek spring hairstyleThis Spring, say good-bye to big hair and hello to sleek, slick, straight locks. Spring 2007 is all about wearing your locks glossy, shiny and full of life.

The models on the runway this year are wearing their locks super sexy, and you can too. Spring is going to be about glamour and shine, with an edge of flirty fun.

When your locks are super long and healthy, you have many styling options available to you for Spring. You can experiment with styling products and tools as well as hair jewelry to create gorgeous new looks for your Spring event.

If you have a casual evening event in your future, but your tired of wearing your long locks in your same old style, why not try a half up, half down hairdo that is sure to bring on a healthy case of Spring Fever.

This hairstyle however is just a base idea; there are many ways you can personalize the look. With the hair that remains down, you can use a straightening iron to create a curtain of sleek locks. You could opt to use rollers for long, loose ringlets, or mist with water and scrunch lightly while blow-drying for delicate waves.

This Spring, break out of the mold and skip the long, one length look. Instead, opt to have long layers incorporated into your hairstyle. Not only will you look amazing and fresh, but also layers can make you appear years younger!

Styling Steps Half Up Updo Hairstyle

long-half-down-springHairsrtyle Steps Start by working with dry hair.
Hairsrtyle Steps Spritz a volumizing product on your roots.
Hairsrtyle StepsBlow-dry your toots to activate the product and provide your locks with texture.
Hairsrtyle Steps Brush your hair with a boar bristle brush to smooth out any tangles. An ideal choice would be a large oval boar brush.
Hairsrtyle Steps Use a comb to create your part as desired. Either to one side, in the middle, or straight back.
Hairsrtyle Steps Pull back two sections of hair from either side of the crown of your head and pin them back low, at the occipital bone on your head. Use bobby pins in a crisscross to secure your hair in place.
Hairsrtyle Steps Take the left side of hair that has been left out and use a hairpin to hold in place. Make sure when pinning your hair back; it is done in an upward direction to ensure a secure hold.
Hairsrtyle Steps Spritz with spray shine if desired and mist with hair spray for hold

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Long Hair Looks For Spring 2007

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