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Little Girls Natural Curls

Curls Are Beautiful On Little Girls

It is especially nice when those curls are courtesy of Mother Nature!

girls natural curly hairstylesNot many little girls have the patience to sit while you form their locks into bouncy spirals or ringlets, so when they are born with an abundance of corkscrew curls it is a blessing.

However, as most parents who have little girls with naturally curly hair know, they can be hard to take care of.
Little girls do not always have the patience to sit for long sessions of hair taming which can be required with natural curls.

The best thing you can do if your little girl has natural curls is to make certain you always take good care of her locks. Not only with this keep her curls looking great, but it allows the upkeep of her hair to stay as minimal as possible.

For starters, use a shampoo that is specifically for curly hair as it contains the ingredients your little girl’s curls need.

Do not shampoo her locks daily as this can dry out her hair and cause the curls to look frizzy.

When shampooing naturally curly hair use cool water. The warmer the temperature of the water, the greater the chances of drying out the hair and scalp.

After shampooing, work a small amount of leave in conditioner through your little girl’s natural curls. Detangle her tresses gently with a wide tooth comb.

Whenever possible allow your little girls natural curls to air dry. The heat from blow dryers can cause damage to her tresses. If you do need to blow dry her hair, use a low setting and stop when her locks are still slightly damp.

Keeping your little girls curls looking terrific is not an easy task. However, with a little patience and work, you can ensure her naturally curly hair always looks wonderful.

Whether your little girl’s curls are short or long, take her in for regular trims to keep her locks looking healthy. At least once every three months she should be booked in for a slight snipping of her ends.
Many people think that if their little girls have naturally curly hair, that the only way to control the curl is with a short haircut. Fortunately, that is simply not true.

Your little girl can have long, luxurious curls if she wishes as long as you help keep her tresses in great shape. One of the most important steps to your little girl enjoying her naturally curly hair is not fighting it. Encourage your daughter to enjoy her curls, when styling her locks, work with the curl instead of fighting against it.

If you wish to emphasize the natural curl in your little girl’s hair even more, opt to have her locks cut to incorporate some long layers. Naturally curly hair is often heavy, and the longer your little girls locks are, the more the curl will be pulled down into waves. Layers will define her curl and help to showcase her spiral tresses.
Enjoy Little Girls Natural Curls

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Little Girls Natural Curls

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