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Little Girls Blunt Bob Hairstyle

Little Girls Blunt BobMany parents find that the blunt Bob is one of the most ideal hairstyles for little girls. A blunt Bob is sweet and feminine for your little girl, yet easy to care for.

A blunt Bob is also suited to virtually every hair type so your little girl can wear a blunt Bob whether her locks are corkscrew curly, stick straight, composed of gentle waves or something in between.

Not only will your little girl look amazing in her blunt Bob hairstyle, but also this look is virtually effortless to maintain.

Even though they may be girls, little ladies do not always enjoy sitting having their locks tended to, so the easier the hairstyle the better!

It does not matter if your child enjoys tea parties; sports or everything in between, a blunt Bob hairstyle will ensure that she always looks put together.

A blunt Bob hairstyle can easily be worn with or without bangs and will look just as fabulous on your little girl either way.

If your little girl has very fine locks, a blunt Bob hairstyle will add the illusion of thick, full tresses.

If a fringe or bang are going to be a part of your little girls blunt Bob hairstyle, you may wish to have them clipped to just above the eyebrows.

This way, they will still work to frame your little girl’s face, however they will be short enough to stay out of her eyes.

To maintain your little girls blunt Bob hairstyle, you will need to take her to the salon for trims approximately every six weeks or so.

When you visit the beautician with your little girl for the first time to have her tresses clipped into a blunt Bob you should ask for a cut that has a very blunt line.

If your little girl’s hair is fine you want to ensure that the line of the Bob hairstyle is not shaggy as it will draw more attention to the wispiness of her locks.
Depending on your child’s age, personality and lifestyle, you may also opt to have longer layers incorporated throughout her blunt Bob hairstyle. Layers will add depth and movement as well as give you a number of styling options.
Longer layers typically work better if young girls hairstyles because that way there is less chance of hair escaping from accessories such as barrettes and ponytail holders.
Another bonus of the blunt Bob hairstyle for little girls is that this look is completely fuss free to style as well. Once the hair has been washed and de-tangled with a wide tooth comb simply allow to air dry naturally.
On more formal occasions however, you can opt to apply a touch of styling gel to your child’s hair before combing.

Afterwards, blow dry your little girls tresses straight using a round brush with the dryer set to low.

On older children you can use a flat iron if desired as well.
The blunt Bob is the perfect hairstyle to take your little girl from the schoolyard, to play dates to formal occasions with ease.

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Little Girls Blunt Bob

Little Girls Blunt Bob Hairstyle

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