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Lindsay Lohans Hairstyle

celebrity-hairstyles-lindsay-lohanLindsay Lohan sings, she dances and she is regularly featured in movies, this young beauty seems to peer out at us from countless magazine covers and movies screens all over the world. No matter where she is spotted, or what she is doing when photographed, Lindsay’s hair always looks amazing.












She is barely out of her teens, yet Lindsay Lohan has one of the most copied looks by women everywhere. Her naturally red hair is a breathtaking shade that women strive to emulate.

Lindsay changes her look often and is not seen sporting the same hair color for any length of time. She has gone from her stunning natural red to a glossy platinum blonde, to a smoky dark brunette and back again.

Lindsay often wears her locks in loose tumbling curls with a side-swept bang. Her hair contains an abundance of layers to promote body and wave.

Lindsay prefers to wear her hair long, and has not been bitten by the short hair bug that has swept Hollywood in recent years.

Instead, she will opt to play with color and hair accessories to create fun and funky looks.

Although Lindsay’s trendy young look is adaptable for most facial features and hair types, her style does work best on hair that is straight or contains a loose, natural wave.

If Lindsay’s hip, long wavy locks are something you desire, you can recreate this look with a visit to your beautician.

Ask your stylist for a long, layered cut that contains an off centered part and long bangs.

This will accent your eyes, soften your facial features and allow you to pull your fringe to the side.

Because of the length, this style takes some effort to achieve. However, when you’re done, your look will be just as stunning as Lindsay’s.

Lindsay Lohans Hairstyle Styling Steps

Wash your hair with products designed for your hair type and condition. Towel dry gently.

Apply a dollop of gel or styling cream through damp locks with your fingers. If your hair is very wavy or curly use a small amount of straightening balm.

Detangle and disperse product evenly throughout your hair with a wide toothcomb. Mist your roots with a volumizing product.

Section your locks and use a paddle brush to blow-dry to a smooth finish. While drying, lift at the roots slightly for additional volume.

When fully dry, section your locks again and use a large barreled curling iron to create large, loose waves. Back comb at the roots for volume and support.

Rub pomade between your palms and smooth your hands over your hair to add definition to your waves as well as working your bangs to the side. Spritz with spray shine if desired. Mist with hairspray for hold.

Lindsay does change the way she wears her hair, depending on the occasion. For a slightly funkier look, you can opt to scrunch your locks while blow-drying instead of pulling them smooth. If desired, you can use a straightening iron instead of a curling iron for a sleek, glossy look.
Have Fun Trying Lindsay Lohans Hairstyle!


Lindsay Lohans Hairstyle

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