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Lindsay Lohans MakeupLindsay Lohan is one of Hollywood’s hottest young celebrities. The world watches Lindsay’s every move so her make-up must always be perfect. Thanks to Benefit cosmetics, you too can always be ready for surprise snapshots.

Cosmetics from Benefit are a perfect choice for highlighting your natural beauty or for the times that you want to create a whole new look. For her night out, Lindsay has opted to go gorgeous and glamorous.

Lindsay loves to have fun with her cosmetics and to create funky, fun looks.

With her stylishly applied make-up, Lindsay is ready to dance the night away with he friends.

After a long day on the movie set, Lindsay wants her eyes to look bright and alert.

For a bright-eyed look like Lindsay’s try lemon-aid, it is an instant makeover for your eyes.

This is a gentle, yellow correcting cream that helps banish redness and discoloration on the eyelids

You will look refreshed and ready to go. To use simply twist your finger in lemon aid to promote warmth. Place two dots on your eyelid and one in the center of your brow bone. Tap to blend in an upward and outward motion.

Follow this with eye bright, a pink pencil that brightens and wakes up your eyes. Tired eyes will be concealed and the outer corners lifted thanks to this brightening pink pencil.

This should not be applied until all of your other makeup is in place. Draw 3 to 4 short strokes in the space between the bridge of your nose and the inner corner of your eye where dark shadows hide

Draw a light line from the outer corner of your eye up and toward the end of your brow. Make sure you do not over blend. Allow some of the pink color to remain, ensuring your eyes look bright.

Need an instant glow? Try benetint, on your lips and cheeks for a soft rose color that will last all night long. Having a subtle yet dramatic glow is as simple as drawing three small stripes along the apple of your cheek. Mix in a circular motion with your fingertips. For a rosy glow that lasts even after your lipstick fades, apply benetint to your lips with a fresh q-tip.

A radiant, danced the night away look can be yours courtesy of dallas. This combination bronzer and blush will create a completely natural looking glimmer for your complexion.

To have a glow like Lindsay’s brush a light dusting of powder across the apples of your cheeks, across your forehead near the hair line, down the center of your nose, and across your chin.

Tuxedo eyeliner creates a deep, smoky look for your eyes. Smudge with the sponge tip for a mysterious look. Your eyes can look just as amazing as Lindsay’s with show offs eye shadow in the shade of miss moon. To create an alluring finish for your eyes, try framing your lashes with mascara.

When you’re busy on the dance floor, you don’t want to have to worry about running to the bathroom to touch-up your lipstick. Long lasting, kissable color can be yours thanks to the gloss by Benefit. Try one of the eight scrumptious shades to create beautiful, luscious lips like Lindsay’s.


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay often wears her locks in loose tumbling curls with a side-swept bang. Her hair contains an abundance of layers to promote body and wave.
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