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leonardo dicaprio pics
leonardo dicaprio pictures
leonardo dicaprio photos

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio has transformed himself from baby faced television guest star to bona fide movie star with major acting chops to boot – and it’s been quite something to watch!

leonardo dicaprio hairstylesThis boyishly handsome fella – still a young man in his thirties – has a laundry list of awards and nominations to his credit, and single handedly brought the phrase "Leomania” into the mainstream long before the media started mushing celeb couple names into one.

And all the while he’s evolved from pretty boy to a De Niro caliber actor.

As a younger man, DiCaprio wore his hair a bit longer on top.  Some variations included long shaggy blonde bangs, almost perfectly round all around the head.  Later that became a long side sweep of hair full of texture and volume to lift back from the face and add a bit of height. 

He’s also tried long, angled cut layers to show off sharp, handsome features.  He still occasionally rocks a bit of a longer wave along the hairline. 

The Best Dressed List-er has given some retro ‘do’s a try, like when playing legendary eccentric Howard Hughes.  His hair was cut very short and layered on the sides and left longer with jagged texture cut in for sleek and smooth extra volume so that the front could be parted and combed back from his face.

Usually highlighting his dark blonde hair with some lighter brighter blonde slices of color to frame his face and brighten his blue eyes.  Highlighting can also lighten up heavier, one length styles, like the wedged cut that he wore in "The Beach,” and later partnered with a bit of a scruffy goatee.   

How To Get Leonardo DiCaprio Hair

To steal a bit of Leo’s Titanic style, keep hair cut close along the neckline, and a bit longer on the sides with layering at the front so that it can be parted to suit your face shape, or brush it back from the forehead. 
style steps For a sleek, straight-haired look, work a firm hold mousse through damp hair, and brush into place or blow dry hair to add volume. 
style steps Once hair has dried, try a spray wax or pomade to add definition and shine to the finished product.  A foaming pomade with give hair a shinier, wet look.

If you’re more interested in Leo’s 2007 Oscar, dashing leading man slick back style, cut most of the hair tapered and short, with a long fringe to be combed back and allow for a bit of fullness. 
style steps When hair is clean and conditioned, add a styling mousse and blow dry hair back with a rounded brush to give sleek volume. 
style steps Then add a smoothing shine serum for the final, smooth look. 


Leonardo DiCaprio Hair


leonardo dicaprio hairstyles




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Leonardo DiCaprio Hair

decaprio quotes

"I'm not the kind of person who tries to be cool or trendy, I'm definitely an individual."

"Everywhere I go, somebody is staring at me, I don't know if people are staring because they recognize me or because they think I'm a weirdo"

Leonardo DiCaprio

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