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Lenny Kravits Latest Hairstyles
Super fox and retro throwback Lenny Kravitz is a fun and funky trendsetter, from his 70’s bellbottoms to his ever changing rocker locks.

lenny kravitz long dreadlocksBursting onto the scene with heartthrob good looks and a message of love backed by smoky vocals and a strong rock ethic, this half Jewish, half African American hunk has been a style inspiration for men all over.

His most recognizable style is probably the dreadlocks that he wore for many years, most notably in the beginning of his career. 

In various stages of length and thickness and even texture, Lenny has worn very sexy, tidy dreads for years. 

 He has even had a type of dread named after him – aptly named "the Lenny,” which is a short, flexible dreadlocked style with long sideburns.  There are a couple of variations that can be worn.

The key to having a good-looking set is to keep them tidy by doing regular maintenance – keep them looking undone and casual – but deliberately. 

Lenny Kravitz Mens Celebrity Hair

There are special dread styling products, like residue-free shampoos and molding waxes and creams, that will help keep locks sleek and sexy.  While anybody can rock these locks, folks with thicker, coarser hair will have an easier time of it.

If you’d like to try the style on for size without making the commitment that traditional dreads require, there are a number of methods to faking it for a day or so. 

Extensions are available in any number of colors and styles, and can be clipped in for a day or sewn in for longer. 

Use of a product like molding mud and a rattail comb for teasing will also help you create a washout version of dreads for your natural hair.

Once the dreads were cut loose, Lenny first sported a very short style that evolved into a twist on the traditional Afro, but with a smidge more definition to his curls.  This ‘do also grew out to a taller, spiky style with shorter sides and a bit more length and height on top that splayed out in tight corkscrews. 

Angled layers can be cut into hair to lend a rounder shape to hair.  To style a chic Afro, use a bit of an oil sheen to give shine, and finger comb or pick through curls.  Regular trims are necessary to keep hair looking healthy.

A slightly less popular and different ‘do for Kravitz was his recently relaxed and waved bouffant style, a la Prince or James Brown.  Chemical processing smoothes out the hair follicle and imparts a bit of extra shine, and then hair is set with rollers to give that bouncy wave.  Finish the style off with a dab of sheen product.

You’ve gotta love a guy with such well-defined style – and we love watching this sexy fella try just about every style.

Lenny Kravitz Mens Celebrity Hairstyles

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lenny kravitz long dreadlocks hairstyles

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Lenny Kravitz Mens Celebrity Hairstyles

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