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The latest news on Victoria Beckham is usually on Victoria's hairstyles or fashions.

Victoria Beckham Sleek Up Do Hairstyle

Victoria Beckham

This Posh Spice Girl has always been a trendsetter and has built up a strong force of fans who love to wear her latest hairstyle or newest pair of designer jeans or celebrity sunglasses.

Spice GirlsAt this point in time the latest news on Victoria Beckham is the Spice Girls Reunion. Come on, admit it, you loved 'em. 

At the very least you loved to hate 'em, but I just know you always tuned in to see what these wild things were wearing. 

It's hard to believe that it's been eleven whole years since the Spice Girls ruled the world. 

Maybe you've still got a poster or two hidden behind the closet door, or worse yet, a garage full of Baby Spice lollipops and Ginger Spice dolls?

Whatever Spice Girl memorabilia and memories you've got stashed in your pantry, get ready to break 'em out for the reunion tour!  The Spice Girls are bound to be a bit different this time 'round as all but Mel C (the artist formerly known as Sport Spice) have become mommies, and as their lives have evolved, so have the styles of these ladies of the spice rack.

Victoria Beckham ~ Posh Spice

Victoria Beckham Short Tousled Hairstyle
Victoria Beckham Long Sleek Gown

Most recognizable to those of us across the pond is probably Victoria Beckham, formerly Victoria Adams aka Posh Spice. Last seen in sleek and chic little mini dresses posing like a supermodel, now this devoted mother of three is trendsetting with the new "pob" hairdo in blonde, and a fashion sense that's led to her own line of jeans and sunglasses.

  She's been up for this reunion all along. That hunky husband of hers hasn't hurt her popularity one bit either. Check out her edgy glam in skinny PVC trousers and a shape-showing corset with towering heels. She's still got that Posh poutiness.

Geri Halliwell ~ Ginger Spice

geri halliwell
Geri Halliwell At Elle Style Awards

Geri Halliwell, formerly "the little Ginger one," has traded in her Union Jack onesies for a more hippie chic look.  Check out her free-flowing hair (still the trademark blonde streaked red), a bit less bouffant than the Ginger we knew so well. Quite a difference from curve-conscious to comfy. Miles high platforms don't quite serve pushing a stroller!

Melanie Brown ~ Scary Spice

Melanie Brown Scary Spice
Melanie Brown Long Wavy Hairstyle

Another recent mommy is the once very Scary Spice, Melanie Brown. Less leopard print, and more classy cool, she's swapped horns made of hair for a sleek 'do and leopard fur hip huggers for a flattering corset and colorful pencil skirt. And no mugging tongue sticking out in sight.

Emma Burton ~ Baby Spice

Emma Bunton Image Spice
Emma Bunton Long Straight Hairstyle

Keeping with the mommy theme – Baby Spice is preggers! Emma Bunton is due to deliver this summer 2007 before the tour launches at the end of the year. She's passed on her pigtails and teeny skirts and rocking her maternity fashion with a knee length black dress. 

Melanie Chisholm ~ Melanie C ~ Sporty Spice

Melanie Chisholm
Melanie Chisholm

Melanie Chisholm has ditched her sneakers and track suits for skinny jeans and (gasp) heels with a satiny bomber jacket. And check out that fantastic haircut! She's arguably had the most commercial music success as a solo artist, and it suits her, it seems. 

There are only a handful of tour dates on the schedule, so if there's a Spicy farewell coming your way, snatch up those tickets fast!

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Updated October 20, 2011


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