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Kym Ryders Hairstyle Easy To Style Bob

celebrity-bob-hairstyles-kym-marsh-ryderKym Ryder Marsh is like many women these days- busy and always on the go. This British beauty is not only an actress and singer, but stars in her own work out video as well. This leaves Kym with little time to fuss with a detailed hairstyle.









Instead she opts to wear her locks in a trendy, easy to maintain chin length edgy Bob. Great brow brushing bangs finish off this hip hairstyle.

The inverted Bob hairstyle that Kym sports is a classic style that can be easily modified to suit any face shape. Her Bob is a graduated or inverted cut that is tapered to be shorter at the nape of the neck and longer towards her face. Modifications can be made to the bangs, length and layers to showcase some features while hiding others.

Graduated layers are artfully cut to create body and movement with careful placement throughout the crown. The sides are carefully step cut for exceptional definition. An uneven side part leads a sweep of hair across her forehead, making any sharp lines appear softer.

Kim Ryders Hairstyle Styling Steps

Apply a dollop of mousse to towel dried hair. Blow your hair dry wrapping your hair around the head of the brush to create body and movement. Once your hair is completely dry, apply a shine wax through your locks with your fingers. Mist lightly with hairspray for hold.

For a more flirty look, apply a styling cream to your fingers and scrunch around your head to create finger waves where desired around your head. Once the waves are places, use your fingers to separate them. Finish off this fabulous hairstyle with a misting of hairspray for hold.

The styling options are endless with this Bob haircut. You can wear your inverted Bob sleek and straight with lots of flicks or you could funky with curls.

A crimping iron can even be used to crimp various sections for a fun texture. With this Bob hairstyle, you are only limited by your imagination.
Have Fun Trying Kym Ryders Hairstyle


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Kym Ryders Hairstyle

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