Kristen Cavallaris Long Layered Hairstyle

Kristen Cavallari long layered hairstyleKristen Cavallari the beautiful young star of Laguna Beach knows how to make the most of her features. Her hairstyles are devised to showcase her stunning, wide-set eyes and to balance her long, narrow face shape.

Kristen has played with hairstyles somewhat over the years, although her locks typically remain a delicate shade of warm blonde.

Kristen makes good use of highlights and layers to create depth and movement throughout her hairstyles.

Kristen generally stays with a cut that is just past her shoulders, however, as with a large number of other celebrity women, she has tried at least one version of a Bob haircut.

Kristin knows what haircuts work well to balance her features and make her look amazing.

Instead of deviating and trying new haircuts, she opts instead to play with different styles.

If you want a new look, but do not feel ready to break out the scissors, do what Kristin does and pull out different styling tools and products.

Sometimes all you need is a new way of styling your hair to make your look fresh.

Kristin’s long, layered hairstyle is ideal for her naturally straight hair, with the right styling products it can be modified easily to suit virtually any hair type and face shape.

Kristin’s hair is cut to just below the shoulders with heavy layering in the last two inches of length. This is achieved by using a razor to make the cuts.

These razored layers will provide plenty of movement and allow you to flip out the ends of your hair if desired. For this hairstyle, the bangs are left long and brushed to the side.

Kristen Cavallaris Long Layered Hairstyle
Styling Steps

Styling Steps Use your fingers to disperse a dab of texturizing cream through damp hair.

Styling Steps With a comb, create a side part.

Styling Steps Using a large paddle brush, blow dry your tresses straight. Lift at the roots while drying for slight volume.

Styling Steps Brush your bangs across your forehead, blending the ends of the bang in with the rest of your hair.

Styling Steps Bend the ends of your hair slightly while drying to create a slight flip.

Styling Steps Once your locks are fully dry, rub a small amount of hair wax in your palms and smooth your hands over your hair. Use an additional small amount on your bangs to make sure they stay to the side.

Styling Steps Mist lightly with hairspray for hold.



Kristen Cavallaris Long Layered Hairstyle

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