Kids With Style Boys Hairstyles From Around The World

boys bob hairstyles
boys short trendy hairstyles
boys thick curly red hairstyles
Boys Styles From Around The World
Have you discovered the perfect haircut for your boy? If you have, and want to show other parents terrific boy’s hairstyles, we would love to see them.

boys long bob hairstylesThe following pages contain images of actual young boys looking terrific in their everyday hairstyles. You will not find pictures of young models carefully posed after with professionally styled hair.

Some of the most important factors when deciding on a hairstyle for young boys is factoring in their personality, lifestyle, hair type and texture and grooming habits.

Especially when it comes to young boys, you want a haircut that looks great but is easy to care for. After all, not many boys can be bothered fussing in front of a mirror. We want you to send in pictures of your boys wearing their everyday hairstyles that they love.

Do you have a boy that does not mind spending a few extra moments on hair care each day? Does his cut have styling details that take a little effort and work to achieve? We would love to see the pictures.

Or does your child have a unique personality with a hairstyle to match? If so, send your favorite photograph showcasing his trendy look our way.

It does not matter what haircut and style your young boy has; we would love to see a picture. Photographs of real boys with their real hairstyles living a typical little boy life is exactly what these pages are about.

Send your young boy’s photo to us and show us your kid with style!


Submission Guidelines

All styles and lengths of boys hair will be accepted.
Please submit a picture size at least 200 pixels wide.
Only submit photos you own.
Please include your Country and any information about your boy's style.
Submissions are edited and posted each Monday.

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little boys messy hairstyles

Boys Very Short Hairstyles

Boys Short Hairstyles

boys short haircut

I am 13 years old. I go in school and I like to have hair styles.



asian boys short hair There is a hairstyle competition at my Christmas party so I want to win 1st price
Philippines Pasay City


boys thick curly hairstyles

I have a hard time finding a hair style for my sons here in France. We live in a small city in the south. The only other black family here is an African family who do not speak english. Please help me give my son a short easy to maintain hairstyle. Something I can do myself. Thank you and God Bless
From: France


Kids With Style Boys Hairstyles From Around The World

Boys Medium Hairstyles

Kids With Style Boys Hairstyles From Around The World

Boys Long Hairstyles


long boys hairstyle Jaxon's Long Hairstyle
Jaxon and his mom love his hair long, even for active little boys like Jaxon in Kindergarten, long hair can work beautifully.
Long Boy Hairstyles



boys long hairstyle
"Gage is seven years old and loves a longer hairstyle, adding layers to the front and sides of this cut allows for more styling versatility for any formal occasions. For everyday, it is loose, casual, and carefree. This long style will take about a year to grow from a short boys cut."


boys long bob hairstyles
Hunter has had long hair for 2 years and is ready for a shorter shaggy cut.


young boys very long hairstyle

Yep, my son's hair is pretty long - but its pretty, too. I just hate to cut it so we've let it grow quite long. Yes, sometimes he does get mistaken for a girl, but he sets people straight. I just love it like this and hope he never outgrows it.

From: Chicago


boys very long hair

An amazing little guy and a wonderful poster child for long, thick, curly hair.

Hunter has severe non-verbal autism and prader-willi syndrome.

He also has an amazing spirit and an amazing mom.

Visit Hunter's Page



Kids With Style Boys Hairstyles From Around The World

Boys Bob Hairstyles

young boys bob hairstyle i live on a farm. i party hard



Boys Emo Hairstyles

Kids With Style Boys Hairstyles From Around The World

Boys Fohawk Hairstyles

Kids With Style Boys Hairstyles From Around The World

Boys Shaggy Hairstyles

boys shaggy hairstyle

Alexander is 6, and loves his hair a little long, in a shag that shows off his touch of curl.

Oklahoma, USA


boys shaggy hairstyle
Gabe's Shaggy Do


Kids With Style Boys Hairstyles From Around The World

Boys Spiked Hairstyles

Kids With Style Boys Hairstyles From Around The World

Boys Surfer Hairstyles And Haircuts

boys surfer hairstyle


This is Tyler and he is 2 yrs old.
People tell him he has the surfer hair style.


boys surfer hairstyle

Hello, this is my son Jonas sporting what he calls the surfer look. This hairstyle is easy for him to take care of at only 6 yrs of age.

This hairstyle is what I call the wash and towel dry look. It's that easy!



Boys Mohawk Hairstyles

Boys Braided Mohawk

african american boys mohawk hairstyles"well i like new things and i like the crazy boy look! so i ask my mom to do my hair like this and man all my buddys at school and my best friend likes my look!! my little brother calls me razer head and i just love it. it feels good in the sun and my hair is very soft.my mom use soft and beautiful 2 in 1 conditioning detangler on my hair. and dair and lovely for kids too.it gives your hair all day softness and sheen. "
From: Birmingham Al


Kids With Style Boys Hairstyles From Around The World

Boys Mushroom Hairstyles


Hi, I am 3 yrs old. I like my hair style. My dad call it mushroom cut.

Camp Hill, PA


Comments And Questions

Long Hair On Boys

"Usually when I see an eight year old boy with long hair, I think he is a girl, so when my son asked if he could grow out his hair, I asked how long.

He said at least past his shoulders. I was reluctant, but he begged me and so, being the cool mom that I am, I let him do it. He was really happy. He is still growing it now and it is already past his shoulders.

He usually wears it in a ponytail. He doesn't look feminine at all. For one, he has his left ear pierced but not his right. How many girls do you know that have only one ear pierced. He also has a very masculine face. I am really glad I let him grow his hair. He looks amazing."
From: Oregon


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