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Kids Jack Sparrow Pirate Costume

Ahoy, Matey!
Are you ready to shiver me timbers and get suited up as the
greatest pirate of the mall, the Captain of the Black Pearl, Jack Sparrow?!

First, there¹s the outfit. There are lots of different and cool versions of Captain Jack¹s gear available.

Find one that suits you, or you can put one together with the help of your parent or another grown-up.

Whichever way you decide to go, we¹ll start at the top with the triple-pointed captain¹s hat. 

For extra authenticity, tie a blood-red scarf or bandanna around your head before placing the hat on.

Some hats can be bought with those long beaded dreadlocks attached to them, otherwise, see if you can have a friend braid your hair (dreadlocks are what happen when you don¹t have your hair washed for a long time, and boy, are they a mess to try to brush out!)

Then slip some beads over those braids. You can also put a little gel in your hair and just twist the rest into larger pieces to fake dreadlocks.

Moving along, you¹ll need a fluffy white or off-white shirt and a black vest and some black pants. Around Captain Jack¹s waist he¹s got a belt with holster for his curved sword or cutlass, as well as the pistol he was stranded on the island with.

Wear the key to Davy Jones¹s chest around your neck. Another fun thing you can do to complete your costume is to have that same friend or grown-up help you draw on a beard and moustache with a little eyeshadow.

Just brush it on like your painting, and make sure to blend and smudge. There are also pieces of fake facial hair you can buy at costume stores and have glued on to your face for the night or so.

Sometimes the glue for the fake hair is very sticky and hard to use, so you would definitely want to have a grown-up or parent help you out with that.

If you really want to be the genuine article, find a little brown eyeshadow powder as well and smudge some on your face and neck and arms and hands to show how long you¹ve been at sea and away from a bathtub.

Or you could not have any baths between now and Halloween to get a really authentic pirate smell.

After that, you can click on our Jack Sparrow pages for his smoky black eye makeup or the tribal scene eyeballs painted on Jack Sparrow's eyelids like in that cool tribal king scene.

But what is probably the thing that makes Jack Sparrow the coolest can¹t be bought at any store ­ it¹s his personality, so you¹re  gonna have to conjure up a little pirate attitude for your Halloween!

Think about the swagger he saunters around with, placing one foot in front of the  other, heel-toe, heel-toe.

Think of that slow, drawn-out and sarcastic way he talks.  Work in some pirate words to your speech, too. 

When your brother comes and tries to steal all of your good trick-or-treating candy, give em a snarl and say, Git yer hands off me Halloween candy, savy?

He¹ll back off.

After all, you¹re the most feared captain of the seven seas!

Happy Haunting!

Kids Jack Sparrow Pirate Costume

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