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emo fringe hair styleKewl Emo Girls Hair Styles is a page for pictures and photos sent in by visitors to my site. These are not professional models or portrait shots..

These pictures are regular girls who love their emo hairstyle and have generously submitted to inspire other visitors who are thinking of an emo, punk, or any other alternative hair style.

Guys can also submit their pictures and photos of their look, and a guys alternative hair style and haircut page will be started.

Katerina is the first Emo girls hair style submission and will remain the picture for this pages banner.

I loved Katerina's style, it's a wonderful example of how different hair textures and lengths can be combined.

The angled fringe of this emo hair style could be taken a step further adding some bold color to the ends of the front pieces.

Katerina's Styling Tip
Teasing the back after hairspraying and spraying it again afterwards is also
a nice way to get some height on it.

In these Emo pictures Katerina has added pink to the back of her hair at the nape and to the front near the crown area.

The back of Katerina's hair is layered with a razor giving a much more choppy effect than scissor cutting.

emo-choppy-razor-backThis emo hairstyle can be instantly cut from short-medium, medium or long hair.

If your hair is short now, have the back layered slightly and let your front grow with only tiny trims and shaping when needed.

The back will be trimmed to the original length. It should take just over a year to grow out the long side fringe.

You need to take some chances with your hair and to try something new and exciting

Be patient and you will be rewarded with a great emo hair style like Katlens.


Sorry I do not know how you can get Katlen's fabulous baby blue eyes...


And From The USA.......


girls rocker emo hairstyle
girls emo punk haircut

Jessica B.

"Rocker Punk meets Emo Glam... This hairstyle starts out with a Unique Fringe, in the nape, colored in black... Sweeped up in Diva Glam Pink, Fringed on top, keeping the Emo style alive... Making this hairstyle an Unforgettable look."


Austina F.

"This hairstyle is a Emo/Punk cut, with a Subtle, Spiky, Flare in the cut, that accentuates the color... Teal for the top and Pink for the all around color, makes this hairstyle fun and unique..."



Emo Puppy

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Kewl Emo Girls Hair Styles

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