Justin Timberlake Mens Celebrity Hair

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Justin Timberlake Hairstyles
This pop icon and former Mousketeer decided to bring "sexy back,” and mission accomplished!  He’s been boyishly handsome in a boy band and ended up a pop star with a fledgeling acting career and style to burn.

justin timberlake mens celebrity haircutAnd who isn’t a sucker for sleek, shiny, natural curls?   Don’t you just wanna run your fingers through that ‘do?

Justin’s naturally curly hair can be styled a number of different ways.  He’s taken a no-maintenance turn and shaved it all off and grown a bit of a scruffy goatee, lending a harder edge to his baby faced good looks. 

In his younger days, his hair fell into natural, golden ringlets just on the top of his head, and later into an all-over "white boy Afro” of shiny curls, kept smooth and frizz-free with shine serums and styling creams. 

A few of Justin’s more adventurous hair moves have included dark and not-so-good cornrows and super bleached curls.  He’s turned his ‘do a darker blonde and even wandered into brunette territory, and rocked the ever-trendy, and ultra hip faux hawk.

Justin Timberlake Mens Celebrity Hair

JT sets a fine example with his no fear attitude towards trying new styles and experimenting with his look.  Hair always grows back, and the hit and miss styles will end up just a faint paparazzi memory. 

Aren’t you glad that your bad hair days aren’t documented by the press?  Once embarking on a solo career, he cut his hair quite short on the sides with the top of his hair just a smidge above buzzed to show a hint of the curly texture.   

To sport a shorter, curly ‘do, start out with a contoured cut that hugs the shape of the head and has tapered sides and neckline.  There is a bit of fringe in the front of the hair to show off some of that natural curl when combed off of face. 

Before styling even begins, investigate some of the amazing new curling shampoos and conditioners that have been created to pump up your shape and shine while moisturizing, but minimizing frizz. 

How To Get Justin Timberlakes Hair

style stepsStyle by combing shaping gel or mousse through hair that is still damp from the show and finger style into place so that hair can naturally dry, or use a blow dryer to straighten curls a bit for a smoother finish or softer wave. 
style steps Once hair is dry, add texture and shine as well as controlling frizz with a dob of pomade.

Whatever comes next for JT, whether it’s more sizzling music videos, rocking tours, or juicy film roles, he’ll certainly look good doing whatever he does, and we’ll be anxiously awaiting his next styling move.

Justin Timberlake Mens Celebrity Hair


justin timberlake hair



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Justin Timberlake Mens Celebrity Hair

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