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Johnny Depp
With those razor sharp cheekbones, pouty lips, and brooding eyes, there really is almost no way to make Johnny Depp anything but dead sexy.  And, you’ve got to hand it to him, he’s definitely veered off the beaten path with a few styling choices that a lesser man could not have pulled off. 

johnny depps hairstylesEven when breaking hearts even as the unwashed, sexually ambiguous, and morally not-so-much Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp certainly seems to be incapable of finding a look that detracts from his innate hotness.

Many moons ago, Johnny was a clean cut, teenage cop on "Twenty One Jump Street…” Does anyone remember that?  He wore a clean shave, and wildly moussed, jet black hair – the look that segued into "Cry Baby” and many other projects early in his career. 

As his talent garnered attention, he found the courage to attach riskier ‘do’s as well as roles. 

For a while, Depp sported varying degrees of scruffy facial hair, from goatees with or without moustaches to an almost full beard. 

The hair on his talented head has been everything from spiked to scraggly, bleached a brassy blonde or back to black. 

But don’t think this handsome fella is exempt from bad hair days – they, like everything else, just look so darn good on him!  Check out the wide variety of hats he hides his hair under; from fedoras to porkpies to even a beret or two!  And, like everything else, nobody wears ‘em quite like the former Donnie Brasco.

Then there’s the Captain Jack Sparrow.  If you’ve been growing your locks since the turn of the century, try letting ‘em loose until they start to dread slightly, then add a braid or two to the front of the style, and accent each strand with a couple of trade beads. 

Wherever his stands may stray, he does always seem to default to a slightly greasy chin-length look, in quite an array of brown toned shades, with a well-groomed goatee. 

To steal a little from the Deppity’s ‘do, keep hair all one length hovering around the jaw line.  Come by your hippie hair honestly by cutting back on shampoos, or try a little product (your significant other may thank you for that choice).  A little flexible hold mousse worked through damp hair and a touch of pomade for definition after hair is dried will give you that dirty hair chic that is all the rage, with a cleaner smell.

Whether Jack Sparrow has yo ho-ed his last bottle of rum or not, we will all sit and await the brilliant Johnny Depp’s next stylish turn – we’re happy to follow wherever he may lead!


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