Jessica Albas Long Layered Hairstyle

jessica albas long layered hairstyle

It is no secret that with her brilliant sense of style, Jessica Alba always makes heads swivel no matter where she turns up. Never more so than when she attended the 2007 NCLR ALMA Awards.












Jessica Alba’s classical hairstyle with a modern touch was surely the subject of many conversations.

Jessica Alba chose a hairstyle that flatters her face and compliments her features perfectly. With its old Hollywood glamour and modern touch, this is a faultless look for any event.

This elegant, classic hairstyle can be achieved on hair of varying lengths; it does not necessarily have to be as long as Jessica’s is. However, the shorter your locks are, the less apt you will be to achieve exactly the finished product that Jessica has.

If your locks are long, and you want to not just emulate Jessica Alba’s hairstyle but her cut as well, you will need to embrace the idea of many layers. Consult your stylist and ask for a haircut that falls slightly below the shoulder and is infused with layers near the ends.

These bottom cut layers will offer your curls extra texture and the necessary bounce that you desire in a hairstyle such as this. After all, there is no point in going to the work of creating a beautiful look and then having your curls weighed down.

The layers implemented into the hairstyle include some that fall about half of the way into the cut, these layers add a fullness and body that will flatter many face shapes especially those that are diamond shaped.

If your face does not fall into the diamond shaped category, it does not mean that you can not wear this classic style. A hairstyle such as this will also suit oval, oblong, square and heart shaped faces beautifully.

Jessica’s updated classic hairstyle does take a certain amount of effort to achieve and you can expect to spend at least a half of an hour shaping your tresses into perfection, however, the results are more than worth your time.

Jessica has hair that is considered to be medium in thickness. If your hair is very thick, you may wish to have it thinned slightly so that your curl is more apt to hold. You can still wear this look if your locks are fine; you will just need to use strong holding hair products.


Jessica Albas Long Layered Hairstyle
Styling Steps

Style Hair Steps Run a generous dollop of mousse through freshly washed, damp locks.

Style Hair Steps Create a left part in your hair by starting at the mid point of your left eye and using your comb to pull your hair back, working towards your hairline. Do not stop until you have worked your tresses into an even left part. This is ideal for those who have a long, narrow face, as it will appear to widen your face.

Style Hair Steps Blow dry your hair while using a paddle brush, always work in small sections for a more even distribution of heat.

Style Hair Steps Use large hot rollers close to your part to create luxurious curls. Once the rollers have cooled, remove them and arrange your hair as desired with your fingers.

Style Hair Steps You can then run a dab of gel wax over the ends of your hair to help keep frizz away.

Style Hair Steps Mist generously with hairspray for long-lasting hold.




Jessica Albas Long Layered Hairstyle

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