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Jennifer Lopez Formal Chignon Hairstyle

A Classic Chignon for Jennifer Lopez The chignon is a timeless hairstyle that always looks elegant and wonderful. Mega celebrity Jennifer Lopez finds herself attending many formal events.

For these occasions Jennifer will often slick her tresses back into a classic chignon. The chignon is a simplistic yet beautifully elegant hairstyle that is so becoming to Jennifer's facial features. The chignon is one of the easiest updo’s to achieve, yet speaks loudly of glamour and class. This formal hairstyle can easily be worn to the celebrity filled events that Jennifer is often pictured at. However, it is also an ideal look for weddings, proms, parties or any other special occasion.
A chignon is often mistaken for a bun, they are however slightly different. The chignon updo can easily be worn by women who have medium or long locks. View styles of messy, formal, and casual chignons at our Chignon Bun Hairstyle Gallery
The secret to Jennifer’s stunning chignon style is actually based on a ponytail that is worn just a tad off her neck. You will need enough hair in your ponytail to fan it out into a soft roll that is easy to arrange but requires some finger combing and arranging. If your locks are too short to create a ponytail, you can opt for fake ponytail extensions.
Wearing a classic chignon at your next event will set you apart from the crowd, making you shine with quiet glamour just like Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Formal Chignon Hairstyle
Styling Steps-
Styling Steps Wash your tresses with products designed for your hair type.
Styling Steps Towel dry gently and apply a dab of mousse through damp hair with your fingers
Styling Steps For additional volume through your crown, apply a sculpting gel to the roots of your hair
Styling Steps Using a paddle brush, and working around the sides of your head, blow dry your locks straight.
When your hair is fully dry, mist lightly with hairspray.
Styling Steps Back comb lightly if desired
Styling Steps Brush your hair straight back from your face and gather the locks into a ponytail at the base of your neck.
Styling Steps Separate the ponytail into 1-2 inch sections.
Styling Steps Wrap individual sections around a large barreled curling iron.
Styling Steps Release the curl and pin it carefully to the back of your head.
Styling Steps When your hair is fully curled and completely cool, remove the pins and gently brush your curls.
Styling Steps Wrap the ponytail by lifting the bottom of the tail and wrapping it up and over the top of the elastic.
Use your fingers to arrange your chignon as desired.
Styling Steps Apply shine serum for added gloss
Mist lightly with hairspray if desired.
Jennifer Lopez Formal Chignon Hairstyle


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Jennifer Lopez Formal Chignon Hairstyle

Jennifer Lopez Formal Chignon Hairstyle

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