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jennifer-aniston-sexyPopular television and movie star Jennifer Aniston may have worn a variety of hairstyles through the years, but one thing each style has in common is that she always looks fabulous.

Her oval face shape allows her to wear almost any hairstyle she chooses.

Jennifer has sported waves, curls and super straight sleek locks at different times. Whichever style she is currently wearing, Jennifer Aniston always looks like a star.


Jennifer Aniston is a true hair trendsetter often seen wearing her hair in a long, layered cut that is very flattering to her features.

Jennifer’s haircut is a custom style that gives her the option of wearing it straightened or allowing it to flow into her natural waves.

For this particular hairstyle, Jennifer has a long layered silhouette cut for lift with layering around the face to accent her eyes this also softens her facial features.

With wavy hair like Jennifer’s, you would start by combing a dab of something like Pure Straight by Oscar Blandi for example which is a straightening balm through damp hair.

Hair should be sectioned and blown dry to loosen the wave and allow for a smooth surface.

Afterwards the ends should be turned under with either large electric rollers or a large barrel styling iron.

For added volume, hair should be brushed forward and back.

To finish off this style you can rumple the hair slightly and mist lightly with hairspray

jennifer aniston chin length bob hairstyleJennifer looked lovely when she chopped off her long locks and opted to wear her tresses in a chin length bob.

This look was sleek yet trendy and flattered Jennifer from the set of her hit television show to events she attended with her celebrity friends.

If you have the same hairstyle Jennifer did, your aware that maintaining the look is so simple.

You will be left looking like you spent hours in front of the mirror without actually having to!

The steps bellow will show you how to style your bob for any occasion.

List Icon Shampoo and condition hair
List Icon Towel-dry hair, applying volumizer to the roots.
List Icon With your comb create a part allowing the hair to go where it wants. Jennifer’s part is a touch off center and ends toward the middle of her head
List Icon As you want your hair to be slightly damp, finger comb while you blow-dry hair slightly on a low heat
List Icon Starting at the back of the head and working from underneath, use a very large round brush to lead the hair straight down using a medium high heat. Allow the ends of the hair to curl under just a little. Continue until all of the hair is done
List Icon Rub a touch of styling pomade in the palm of your hands and starting about an inch from the roots, work through the hair to the ends
List Icon Lightly mist with hairspray for hold

Whether Jennifer is wearing her locks in a sleek Sedu, an updated Shag, a medium length bob or allowing her natural waves to flow, she always looks amazing.

Her hairstyles start trends and emulating her look will leave you looking fabulous too.

Enjoy Jennifer Aniston

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