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Jack Sparrow Costume Accessories

Captain Jack Sparrow's Accessories
Johnny Depp's Captain Jack is a fella who knows how to turn some of his treasure into accessories.

From the beads in his hair to the slouch of his boots, one might say the pirate's in the details. Let's start at the top with his blood-red hair scarf. 

That fabulous tricot Captain's hat may get a little warm - and nobody wants to see dreadlocked-pirate-hat-head, so tie that bandanna around your forehead and problem solved.

Then there are those beaded dreads. Not much in the way of a shower on the Black Pearl, so those sexily filthy twists are the only way to go.

You have already read about La Depp's Rolling Stone influence with that silver and beads, and additionally some of those locks are crisscross-tied with red string. Then Jack has the dangly bits, beads, a chicken foot, a fertility symbol, weird animal tails.

Around Jack's neck, he wears the key to the chest of Davy Jones.
This key is an antiqued greenish in color and has the unique double prong that will successfully unlock the heart of that feared captain of the Flying Dutchman with which our Jack entered a deal.

You'll next need the silver skull ring he wears around his neck on a leather cord.
In the center of many tiny little skulls is a deep forest green stone. A fun fact is that this was actually Johnny Depp's very own ring and it just happened to be very pirate-esque!

Now let's move on to Captain Jack's weapons ­ first, his cutlass sword. Cutlasses were the blade-of-choice for seadogs because the shape is just slightly curved and a bit shorter than a traditional sword, which better lends itself to swashbuckling in confined spaces ­ like on ship.

Then there is the flintlock pistol used to finally finish off first mate, Barbossa. Mutiny doesn't pay, least of all against a Captain so clever as our Jack! This pistol has brass carvings on the handle and near the barrel. 

Another interesting piece of information is that the principal behind the flintlock is similar to that of a contemporary drugstore lighter the lock is made of a flint, which when hit against steel causes a spark which in the pistol causes the gunpowder to explode and in a lighter causes the birthday candles to light.

Last, but certainly not least, is that mysterious compass everyone is after. Unlike a typical compass, north is not the direction it points, instead directing you toward the thing you most desire. It was acquired as trade from the Tia Dalma. I wonder where else it may lead...

Plunder and pillage a bit of this booty, and your Captain Jack will be ready for the Caribbean, too!



Jack Sparrow Costume Accessories

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