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Jack Sparrow Adult Pirate Halloween Costumes

jack sparrow adult costume

Jack Sparrow, the number one men's choice for the hottest Halloween adult costume The summer 2006 release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest delivers the ultimate costume and look for this year.

Jack Sparrow is going to be the most popular costume worn by men, women, and kids this Halloween and it is what our heart most desires. It has to be the best pirate we have ever seen having a special something that appeals to just about everyone.

Johnny Depp started a fashion fervor that is fashionably dashing, daring and dauntless in his exploits of 2003’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.

This is the stuff of legends are made of and we loved it. Let’s have a close up look at Jack Sparrow’s look and how you can get it…

Get all the attention at pirate parties or Halloween night dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow himself. You'll look just like the eccentric pirate captain dressed in this 5 pc. Jack Sparrow costume.

"This pirate is so authentic, you will look like you just walked off of a movie set. Great when paired with our Rustic Pirate Lady. Includes embossed leather look vest, gauze shirt, sash, bandana, boot tops, hat, belt, eye patch and earring. (pants not included) " Captain Jack Sparrow couldn't look better himself.

Rustic Pirate

Put A Jack Sparrow Costume Together Yourself

You will need to wear your own pants, jeans,cotton, or twill will work. Choose a subdued color in beige, taupe,wine, khaki,or light brown. You want a finish that is flat with a muddy color.No shine or metallic.


pirate-boot-covers-buccaneerJack Sparrow Adult Pirate Halloween Costumes

For Foot ware choose a flat black with no ornamentation or the dark leather look here. The flamboyant style of Captain Hook is not the look you are trying to achieve.

Leather-look boot, shoe covers with roll over tops for an authentic pirate look.




pirate shirt white

Jack Sparrow Adult Pirate Halloween Costumes

Pirate Shirts

A pirate shirt perfect for a swashbuckler or look such as Jack Sparrow. This pirate shirt comes in white and black fitting up to a 48 inch chest.

The shirt is a cotton blend with a lace up front opening and billowy pirate sleeves.




The clothes are a backdrop for the accessories that Johnny Depp gave life to when he wore the Jack Sparrow Costume.

johnny deppThere are virtually no changes to Johnny Depp's  Jack Sparrow costume for Dead Man’s Chest.

Any changes that did take place were added by Johnny Depp himself.

Depp says that "having spent some time with Keith Richards was certainly a huge part of the inspiration for my character," invoking the name of the great guitarist of the Rolling Stones.

He elaborates: "I spent a little time with Keith Richards here and there, and each time I'd see him, he's have a new thing tied into his hair.


Jack Sparrow

'What is that hanging?' I'd ask, and Keith would say, 'Ah yeah, I got that in Bermuda,' or wherever. "So it felt to me like Jack, on his travels and adventures, would see something and go 'Oh yeah, I'll keep that,' tie it in his hair or have someone else do it.

Each little trinket would have a story. For example, the bone and hangs just above the bandana is a shinbone from a reindeer.


Jack Sparrow Adult Pirate Halloween Costumes

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