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Is Your Pre Teen Ready For Teenage Hairstyles

Preteen Hairstyle Ideas

preteen girls long hairstyleThere comes a time in every parent’s life when they need to let their children mature and grow. That sometimes is easier said then done! It can be tough to watch your young girls grow from pre-teens into teenagers.

Along with their new maturity will come the desire to have a different hairstyle that matches their other, more grown-up changes.

Together, with your pre-teen daughter, you can decide when she is ready for a teenage hairstyle. There are a few signs you can look for when determining if you’re pre-teen daughter is ready for a teenage hairstyle.

One of the first clues she is ready to advance to a more mature look in hair, is when you find that she is noticing styles, talking about wanting to make changes and generally taking more of an interest in how her locks are styled.

Another sign a pre-teen is ready for a teenage hairstyle is when she is mature enough to style her hair without much help or prompting from her parents. To allow everyone time to adjust, it might be a good idea to encourage your pre-teen daughter to make slow changes towards teenage hairstyles.

You can start by allowing her to grow out hair that was previously kept shorter to provide neatness. She is old enough now to care for and maintain longer locks on her own.

Or, if her tresses have always been kept long because you prefer it that way, give her the freedom to snip a few inches from her hair. If your pre-teen has always had a basic hairstyle, perhaps her stylist could incorporate layers or a fringe into her hair. Sometimes even little changes can make a big difference.

preteens poof ponytail preteens bob hairstyle preteens side swept bangs

Preteens Poof Ponytail

Preteens Bob Hairstyle

Preteens Side Swept Bangs

Is Your Pre Teen Ready For Teenage Hairstyles

Above are 3 ways for a preteen to update her look without going to the extreme and wearing styles that are to old for her.
arrow Preteens Poof Ponytail
Light back combing at the crown adds height and a ponytail that is just a little more sophisticated.

arrow Preteens Bob Hairstyle
The bob can be cut shoulder length as above and worn with a side part or a blunt bang. Safe for any age girl.

arrow Preteens Side Swept Bangs
A great look for a preteen girl, visit any large mall to find a shop that sells hair accessories for 3 or 5 for $10.00. Let your girl build a wardrobe of headbands and scarves to compliment her wardrobe and bring her right into teen style.

You could also opt for allowing your pre-teen to start experimenting with various hair products and styling tools. Purchase her items such as gels, mousse, hair spray and various hair accessories that are hers alone to use. Under your supervision she can make use of a blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron to experiment with various teenage hairstyles. Is Your Pre Teen Ready For Teenage Hairstyles

Pre teen hairstyles


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Pre teen hairstyles
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Is Your Pre Teen Ready For Teenage Hairstyles

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