Is your Celebrity Hairstyle Sharon Stones Pixie

sharon stones pixie hairstyleAlways a trendsetter, Sharon Stone brings the pixie cut to a whole new level of high hairstyle. Sharon Stone brings new life to an old classic with her edgy pixie hairstyle. The pixie cut has been a haircut staple for numerous years; Sharon however added her own funky elements to create a fabulous updated look.












As they age, a lot of women decide to cut their locks short. Sharon follows this trend, up to only a certain point. She uses the pixie cut as her base for this hairstyle and then lets her natural flair for a style that is fun and fabulous to take over.

t is not just older women that sport cropped locks. Women of all ages for many reasons decide to have their tresses clipped. There are many reasons why short locks are a haircut must have for many.

For starters, women of today always have full plates and often times, they have to compromise the amount of time that they have to spend fussing with their hair on a daily basis.

A good short haircut that flatters your face will add precious minutes to your schedule each day.

A number of short haircuts such as the choppy, edgy pixie cut that Sharon Stone has are virtually wash and wear styles.

One of the best parts about wearing an edgy pixie cut like Sharon Stone’s is that it is fun and funky yet sophisticated and stylish enough to wear anywhere. Sharon’s cut has short, choppy ends around the back as well as the side.

The hair on the top of Sharon’s head has been allowed to remain a touch longer than the rest of her locks, this helps greatly to create that funky flair. You can easily wear this style if your tresses are fine to medium.

Sharon Stone’s short and choppy version of the pixie cut will call attention to the features of women whose facial shapes are oval, heart, diamond, square and round.

You will not believe how quickly your hair will be to style when you sport the same choppy pixie cut as Sharon Stones. In less than fifteen minutes you can go from drab to fab and be more than ready to head out the door.

Is your Celebrity Hairstyle Sharon Stones Pixie
Styling Steps-
Style Hair Steps Once your hair has been washed and towel dried, apply a small dab of mousse throughout damp hair with your fingers. Make sure to disperse the product evenly throughout.
Style Hair Steps Use the end of your comb to part your hair to the left. Pull your hair back working from the mid point of your left eye. With a round brush, blow-dry the back and sides of your hair under.
Style Hair Steps After your hair is dry, a dollop of gel smoothed over the back of your locks with your hands while scrunching will create a messy look. You can also lift at the roots with the gel as well to achieve height and volume.
Style Hair Steps Arrange your hair as desired with your fingers and mist with hairspray for hold.


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Is your Celebrity Hairstyle Sharon Stones Pixie?

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