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Inverted Bob Hairstyles Gallery

Retro Bob

Everything Bob Is New Again...

This inverted bob hair styles gallery features retro bob styles as worn by Louise Brooks in the twentys.

Trend-setter Louise Brooks flashed her new style in the Roaring Twenties, the cut was simple, blunt, and black. And it had impact, it was a style that captured the attention of both.

Flappers and high society women symbolizing the revolution in both fashion and attitude of the time.

2006 is yet one more year the bob has been reinvented with enough possible variations to make it one of the most versatile hair styles.

With variations in lengths, texture,shattered lengths, and color there is a bob hair style for every face shape and hair type.

Sexy Bob Hairstyles

Created with asymmetrical layers, crimped at the ends, or streaked with bold or subtle color the Bob is once again the hair style of choice for the desperados of 2006.

In this gallery you will see many variations of the classic bob.

The look sought for 2006, the inverted bob is worn tapered around the perimeter keeping it close at the neck line.

It has more height and fullness at the crown with the back being more tapered and stacked.

There are retro bobs with bangs, side parts, no bangs, straight, sleek, curly, wavy, crimped, angled, short, chin length, long, flipped, and colored.

It was the perfect hair style for the new Jazz age

"They're all desperadoes, these kids, all of them with any life in their veins; the girls as well as the boys; maybe more than the boys."
--- from "Flaming Youth,"
by Warner Fabian

Style Inspiration

Retro Bob Hairstyles:
Louise Brooks Style

The short bob hairstyles in this gallery reflect the early style worn by Lousie Brooks.

  • short-retro-bob-hairstyle-001_fs
  • short-retro-bob-hairstyle-002_fs
  • short-retro-bob-hairstyle-005_fs
  • short-retro-bob-hairstyle-006_fs
  • short-retro-bob-hairstyle-007_fs
  • short-retro-bob-hairstyle-008_fs
  • short-retro-bob-hairstyle-009_fs
  • short-retro-bob-hairstyle-010_fs
  • short-retro-bob-hairstyle-011_fs
  • short-retro-bob-hairstyle-012_fs
  • short-retro-bob-hairstyle-017_fs
  • short-retro-bob-hairstyle-013_fs
  • short-retro-bob-hairstyle-018_fs
  • short-retro-bob-hairstyle-019_fs
  • short-retro-bob-hairstyle-020_fs
  • short-retro-bob-hairstyle-021_fs
  • short-retro-bob-hairstyle-022_fs
  • short-retro-bob-hairstyle-024_fs
  • short-retro-bob-hairstyle-025_fs
  • short-retro-bob-hairstyle-026_fs

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Inverted Bob Hairstyles Gallery
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