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Are you looking for a new hair style or different look? Try the inverted bob, today there are many different choices for hair styles and one at the top of the list is the inverted bob style.

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Inverted Bobs

You can add changing your color, add some highlights, add bangs, or layering. Inverted bobs are becoming more and more popular and cut to make drastic changes or subtle changes. An inverted bob can be the save to many a bad hair experience.

If you either have been the victim of an inexperienced stylist or have simply not thought enough about the change in hairstyle you want, you do not need to wear something you hate. Most of bob hair makeovers include color, which can be adding highlights, color, gloss or all three.

Bobs are a great choice for a cut if you need color correction. Color correction, at one time was damaging to the hair, color stripped from the hair using bleach, would open, split the hair cuticle and further damage hair.

Our products today allow a hair stylist to remove 'artificial pigment' only, allowing the removal of the most intense colors from hair, and allowing your hair to colored anew, all in the same appointment. Your stylist may offer suggestions for change in color and style to fix any problems with your hair. For example, if your hair has a brassy blonde color, a stylist may suggest a bleach highlight or an ash toner to offset the brass color.

A bob haircut can help hide or grow out a bad color or haircut. This will depend to some extent on the experience of the stylist. The staggered back layers of the bob cut can blend in uneven layers and add texture. If you are looking to update your hair style the bob is well worth considering.

Know what you do and do not like. If sharp angles are not for you, a popular variation is the rounder and smoother bob. Photos of styles you like are helpful to hair stylists.

Unless you are up on hair styling terminology, you and your stylist may have different vocabularies. For example, your bangs. There are a thousand and one ways to wear bangs alone. Bring your stylist at least two to three pictures of styles you like that have a common line or cut in the style.

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Updated October 21, 2011

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