Image Makeovers

Why can image makeovers be so important?

NoteWhat Is Your Image Saying About You?

In two seconds, someone has just read your image. From your hair down to your shoes, a visual scan has just revealed up to five things about that first impression.

  1. Your social status
  2. Your financial status
  3. Your level of education
  4. Your magnetism and charisma
  5. And, the most important, how valuable you see and treat yourself

This happens before you have spoken a word or actually have made direct eye contact. Your image or the one you are showing has let someone make decisions about you, perhaps without him or her even really realizing it themselves.

Redesigning and polishing your image is much like the cutting and polishing of a diamond. You first take away what distracts from the total design and then you polish the angles and features that remain.

Before you can redesign your image to what you really feel portrays the person you are, you have to know the elements that make up an image.

When you discover these you gain control and there are no more hidden messages that you are not special or valuable to yourself and to those around you.

  • Color
  • Clothing
  • Hair Style
  • Makeup
  • Body Language
  • Accessories

NoteRedesigning Your Image

Redesigning your image and image makeovers are not a painful exercise in pulling yourself apart in fact, it is fun and enlightening. Today's fortunate woman has more effective tools and affordable recourses at her fingertips than at any other time in history.

Discovering, updating, or redesigning your image is very much a learning process.

Just as you had to learn to write your signature, you have to learn to use these new tools, recourses, and basic principles to start writing your own personal image signature.

The most important, how valuable you see and treat yourself . The goal is to enable you to develop a sense of self confidence and the basic skills to discover, define, and enjoy your personal attributes and how to best reflect them through your wonderfully unique image.

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Updated April 17, 2012

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