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How To Use Vintage Hairstyles For Shaping
Your Facial Features

Soften A Wide Or Narrow Lower Face With Vintage Hairstyles

A large lower face and a narrow lower face are common in many women. The goal is to soften the appearance and add a touch of femininity.

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Hairstyles would be so easy to choose if we all had that perfect oval face shape that can freely wear most any hairstyle, vintage or modern day. As about 90% of us do not, we need to know our face shape and how to choose the styles that will flatter it and create visual illusions.

Large Lower Face

A Large Lower Face With A Small Upper Head
A heavy lower face with a small upper head is shown in this illustration can be made to appear very mannish or harsh unless you take care to chose hairstyles that can be used to their greatest advantage. Puffing the hair out on the sides or exposing too much of the forehead area as in the next example should be avoided.

Wide Lower Face

This hairstyle only widens the lower face

HAirstyle For A Wide Lower Face

This style of vintage would be the most flattering. A much softer and feminine look is achieved. The style has hair well over the forehead, ears, cheeks, and encircling the eye area.

Narrow Lower FAce And High Wide Forehead

Narrow Lower Face With A Broad High Forehead
This is a very common facial shape encountered. The forehead is very high and very wide while the lower part of the face is very narrow.

Thin Lower FAce Wide High Forehead

A vintage hairstyle such as this is not the best choice for you. This style leaves a broad forehead exposed and emphasis the width.

HAirstyle Narrow face and wide forehead

This would be the style for you to try to achieve. The bags area falls in a large soft wave over the middle of the forehead, the hairstyle has height at the top and crown area. The side hair covers the ears and puffs out a little in that area. This creates a visual appearance of the wide forehead being narrower.

The hairstyle recommendations and guidelines in this section can be applied to any of your hairstyle choices. They not only work beautifully for vintage styles but any up-to-the-minute hairstyles as well.

How To Use Vintage Hairstyles For Shaping Your Facial Features

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