How To Understand
The Top Perfume Categories

The top perfume categories are blends of Citrus, Floral, and Oriental,  you can find these not only in your perfume but in your soap, cleaning products, air fresheners, and even products for your pets.

Top Perfume Categories

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It is a well-known fact that people love to smell good, so it is no surprise that the fragrance industry did more than ten billion dollars in sales last year alone. Individuals like the opportunity to have scents in a large variety of products that they use.

Perfume has been around for thousands of years, however until only a short time ago; all perfumes were composed of completely natural ingredients.

The downside to this though, is that over time as more people are purchasing perfume and perfumed items, they have lost a large number of their natural ingredients and have become more synthesized. In fact, more than ninety five percent of the chemicals that are in perfumes today are synthetic. This has resulted in fragrances being placed into 3 basic categories. 

The Top Perfume Categories

Citrus Categories

There are three top perfume categories found within citrus scents.

Citrus Fantasy

Citrus Fantasy is the oldest category and uses classic citrus aromas as its base and is a  highly creative group that involves a number of unisex fragrances.

Citrus Green

Another Citrus category is citrus-green. The green basics of this category aid in brightening the fragrance a certain amount. Chypre is also a well-liked fragrance category.

It is however an intricate category, that combines woody, mossy, and flowery scents together with leather and fruit. This is a dry fragrance with only a small amount if any of sweetness. This is a fragrance for graceful, sophisticated individuals who favor a lifestyle that is a little unconventional.

Citrus Scents

Citrus scents are another category of popular fragrances and are some of the oldest scents found in the perfume market. A large number of masculine fragrances also fall in this category, however, citrus is becoming a growing trend in women's fragrances as well. The fragrances that fall under this category tend to be very vigorous and sporty and are perfect for wearing in the summer. 

Floral Categories

The first of these perfume categories is floral. Floral fragrances are so popular that they make up more than half of all fragrances available on the market. A floral fragrance is decidedly feminine and is characteristically connected to romance.

There are a variety of floral fragrances available. Floral green perfumes are distinguished by items such as iris and galbanum. Floral fragrances that are also fruity offer blends such as cassis, pineapple, apricot, peach, and apple hints united with flowers. These have only been available for about the past ten to fifteen years so are still viewed as relatively new in the area of floral fragrances.

Floral fragrances make one call to mind visions of a fresh Spring day. Hyacinth, lily of the valley, orange blossom, hinted with bergamot or another citrus is commonly used to create the base for these fragrances.

Within the floras, there is also a fundamental floral category. Rose and jasmine are the two most well liked basic floral perfumes, however, ylang ylang, narcissus, tuberose, iris, and carnation are also popular bases found within category.

Another group is floral-Aldehydic this group is also known as florientals. These are very powerful floral fragrances that were popular around the turn of the century, and made a huge comeback in the nineteen seventies.

Oriental Categories

Oriental is not only a very popular fragrance, but also the heaviest of all the scents. Although well liked worldwide, they are most popular in Europe and America. Oriental fragrances are typically worn in the evening and are known for being very exotic and sensual. There are a few subcategories within the Oriental fragrances as well.

Oriental-ambery scents typically have a citrus and vanilla base and became popular in the early nineteen eighties. These bases can also be used in combination with green or herb like elements for a contemporary blend. The Oriental-spicy is yet another category. Clove, mace, and cinnamon are the typical base elements for fragrances in this category.

There are also a large number of florals that fit into this category as well. Jasmine, ylang-ylang, and a variety of salicylates are popular, and they offer these fragrances a feminine hand. There are also a large number of masculine fragrances whose foundations are based on an Oriental-spicy combination.

The world of scents can be hard at times to fully understand. When you do come to know it however, you will be picking fragrances that are perfect for you in no time at all from these top perfume categories.

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