How To Understand Perfume Layering

Here are easy steps for you to learn how to understand perfume layering. Although it does depend on part on the type of skin a person has, there is overall a precise order to how these products should be applied to the skin.

How To Understand Perfume Layering

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For example, people who tend to have dry skin would be advised to use a body lotion because moist skin will hold a scent for a greater amount of time.

How To Layer Your Scents

You will enjoy your scents more and they will last longer once you know how to understand perfume layering. People with either oily or combination skin should use a scented talc or powder to help them enjoy the scent of their fragrance longer.

Although not everyone may follow the steps all of the time, fragrance or perfume  layering should take place in a succession of steps. Fragrance layering happens when an individual applies at least two or more scented products.

However, the more products one uses, the greater the benefits. It is worth noting though, that you are looking for a long lasting, yet not overpowering amount of scent. Typically, the steps taken in fragrance layering will include using bath powders or oils, then cleansing with scented soap or gel, and then subsequently applying a body cream or body lotion. 

The Art Of Perfume Layering

Talc And Powders

The next step in layering involves using a fragrance talc or dusting powder, fragrance deodorant, then eau de toilette, perfume. It is always a good idea to carry a trial size scent so that you can freshen up your fragrance as the day goes on if it becomes necessary. In the whole fragrance layering scheme, it is deodorant that is the least frequently used item.

Shower Gels And Body Lotions

Scented shower gels or soaps clean the skin, leaving it gently scented. Body lotions or moisturizers offer a terrific foundation for a fragrance. A body lotion that also provides moisture will leave your skin soft and hydrated while at the same time giving your skin a gentle scent.

Using a moisturizer will ensure that you have moisture locked firmly into your skin. For individuals with oily skin, their best option is to use a body lotion. Perfumed body creams have a deeper more lavish texture than lotions.

Individuals with dry skin should use a body cream over a lotion. Oily skin can benefit from a scented talc or perfumed powder because it will help to absorb wetness, perspiration and works hard to fight any odor.

Layering For Men

There are two choices that men have when it comes to layering fragrance that are not available to women. These options are aftershave balm and after-shave lotion. After-shave balm is soothing to a skin that has suffered from razor burn and this product is also slightly scented.

Aftershave balm will leave a man’s skin with a fresh, well-hydrated feel. It is advised to use this product on skin that is normal, dry or sensitive. However, aftershave balm should not be used on oily or combination skin as it can leave the skin even oilier than it was.

Not only does aftershave lotion help the skin to get ready for the next step in fragrance layering; it also leaves the skin feeling amazing. After-shave lotion can stand-alone or be applied before a toner. Body oil helps moisture to remain locked into the skin and is both intense and aromatic. Body oil will leave the skin feeling cozy and soft when it is rubbed gently into the skin.

Often times, it as this stage that people will stop layering their fragrances as the scent is guaranteed to last a long time. As a final step, you can opt to use a scented deodorant. This can be used to combat wetness and perspiration.

It should be noted though that some people’s skin might have an adverse reaction to deodorant that has too much perfume. If your skin becomes red, itchy or a rash develops after using a perfumed deodorant, stop using it and replace it with a non-scented version.

The Last Scents You Apply

Remember to always apply fragrance to areas on the body where the blood flows close to the surface of the skin, also known as pulse points. This will aid the lasting effect of your scent. The pulse points on the body are located on the insides of the wrists, the sides of the neck, the elbow creases, behind the knees, around the ankles and between the breasts.

Fragrance should always be sprayed low on the body as scent rises upward as it warms up. To keep the consistency of your fragrance, always store it in a cool; dry area where there are no extreme variations of temperature or intense lighting (including sunlight).

Follow these steps for perfume layering to enjoy your fragrance longer and avoid conflicting scents. 

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