How To Shop For A New
Perfume Or Fragrance

Here is how to shop for a new perfume when you are not sure what you like. The hardest part involved in shopping for a new fragrance is sorting through the perfume counter in a department store with all of your olfactory senses in one piece. 

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Applying a scent to your skin is the most vital part in testing a variety of fragrances. You should always remember to apply the fragrance on one of your pulse points. Right afterwards, leave the location or go do something else for about twenty minutes. This will give the fragrance ample time to react to your body chemistry and mature. 

This is important in how to shop for a new perfume because there are times when you may find the top note of a fragrance appealing however as it reacts with your body chemistry. The middle and base notes may change greatly and become un-appealing to you.

If however you still enjoy the aroma of the fragrance after you after done this, you may classify it as a potentially new scent for your collection. You should also note that it is not a good idea to test more than two or three fragrances at any given time.

Always apply the fragrances to pulse points however make sure they are not near one another. This is so that the fragrances do not mix, making it so that you can not make a sure decision on which if any are to your liking.

Perfume Shopping For Gifts

Choosing a fragrance for another person and determining what they will like is not always an easy task. The most important thing you can do is to ask perhaps their spouse or someone else close to them what their tastes may be. You can also determine a new scent they may like by finding out what fragrance they currently wear.

You could always opt to purchase them a complimentary product in the same fragrance they already wear or to buy them a gift set. The gift sets typically contain cologne, lotion and at times a body powder or shower gel.

You could also try telling the salesperson at the store the fragrance your friend wears and ask them to suggest another perfume in a related scent. If you are unable to find clues as to what your friend may prefer in a fragrance, you may look towards their personality traits for help.

Who a person is can really clarify what their signature scent might be. There is such a wide variety of scents and fragrance families, that having a clue to your friends personality may be exactly the insight you need in determining what scent is for them.

If your friend is overtly feminine, a fragrance that comes from the fruit or floral family might be something she would love. However, if she evokes sultry self-confidence, she might prefer a scent that is bolder. Oriental fragrances that are spicy and contain musk or cinnamon are probably more to her taste. A woman who is more down to earth or your typical homebody would be apt to love a woody or mossy fragrance.

How To Shop For A New Perfume For The Romantic

An endless romantic who embraces the dynamics of love would find a fragrance with floral notes combined with citrus or perhaps a light dash of oriental perfect for her needs. Before you purchase a fragrance for someone else, make sure you know of the store’s return policy. This is just in case you do not pick a scent that your friend likes.

It is important to note that you should not rely on the small scented scraps of paper that you can spray perfume on to test. They do not offer a true representation of what the fragrance is truly like. If you have any questions as to the scent of a fragrance, ask for some samples.

Those samples are the perfect size for a couple of applications and allow you to make a good decision when it comes to making a fragrance choice for you or a friend.

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Finding Your Signature Perfume


Fragrance  Families

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