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How To Makeup Jack Sparrows Tribal Chief Eyelids

jack sparrow tribal scene

Jack Sparrow's Tribal Scene Eyelid Makeup
Who can forget that sorta creepy but very cool tribal Eyeball makeup Captain Jack wore as the king/sacrifice in waiting in Pirates 2?

This is a fun twist on the typical Jack Sparrow costume this year. Grab an artsy friend to help you with the paint on your eyelid (unless you were born part owl and can keep one eye COMPLETELY open and the other closed).

For this particular look, your best bet is probably to start with real greasepaint instead of regular eye makeup. The color will be more intense and a little easier to control. A wheel with the primary colors (red, yellow, blue) and black and white will be all you need ­ we'll mix up the rest.


How To Create Jack Sparrow Tribal Chief Eyelids

makup steps Start out by patting a concealer or eye shadow base all over the eyelid, inner corners, and even in a light semi-circle underneath. As the paints are a bit thicker, that foundation is even more important to keep the finished look from getting too smeary.

makup steps Let's start out easy so you can get the hang of working with the consistency of this makeup. Mix blue and yellow to make as olive a green as you can.

 Start out with very small amounts and build, because you won't need much.

 With that green, use your finger and draw a line all down the bridge of your nose, starting right at the top.

makup steps Between your eyebrows and above that green line, paint two narrow vertical lines in black. From the top of the green line, draw a curved black line curving under each eye and winging up into almost a half-circle.

Imakup stepsIn  even increments down the bridge of the nose, paint down-curved black lines  about midway onto the cheek.  Where the line ends, mid-cheek, draw an oval-esque  eyeball shape.  There will be three on each side, plus one on each of  your eyelids, but we¹ll save those for last.

makup steps From there, you can clean your brush and fill in those ovals in white.

makup steps Clean that brush again, and fill in the iris of each eye in blue.  Leave a tiny circle of white in the upper right corner for a twinkle in each eye, just to be completely authentic.

makup steps The last step before you turn your buddy loose to repeat the eyeball steps is to once again clean your brush, and paint red crisscrosses all around the outside of the eyeballs, framing the face. Go only as high as just beneath your real eyes.

makup steps And finally, entrust your pal, who has no doubt been watching your every clever move, to repeat those last few steps with the black ovals filled with white and irises in blue on your very own eyelids for a decidedly spooky finish.

makup steps As always, be sure to dust some colorless or translucent powder over the final look, including your eyelids. This will keep your extra sets of eyes looking creepy all night.

We're off to make Captain Jack proud!


How To Makeup Jack Sparrows Tribal Chief Eyelids

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