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How To Makeup Jack Sparrows Sexy Smudgy Eyes

johnny deep jack sparrowLike the androgynous glam rockers of the Seventies before, we¹ve been captivated by a man who knows how to rock a little strategically worn makeup. 

Those mysterious smoky eyes are the finishing touch to that authentic Pirate Jack look!

How To Makeup Jack Sparrows Sexy Smudgy Eyes
The first step in the application of any eye makeup should always be a good base. You can use something specifically designed as an eye base, or any regular concealer will do the trick

makeup steps Apply in a patting motion with your ring finger across the eyelid, in the inside corner, and even a little bit underneath.

A little tends to go a long way, so use sparingly.  Too much can cause creasing. This extra step will help keep your eyes looking fresh all Halloween long!

After you¹ve been properly based, you will need a soft and somewhat powdery kohl or black eyeliner to start with. You will also want a charcoal or black powder eye shadow and an angled brush.

makeup steps Warm that pencil up by drawing a little on the back of your hand. It makes for smoother application.

makeup steps Lift just under your eyebrow with your finger to smooth out your upper lid. 
makeup steps Starting at the inside corner of one eye, draw a medium sized line along your lash line. Do the same on the other side.

How To Makeup Jack Sparrows Sexy Smudgy Eyes
Okay, now on to the lower lid. This is where it starts getting tricky!

makeup steps Place the finger from your non-drawing hand in the center directly under your eye. 
VERY GENTLY pull that finger down just slightly... just enough to see that inner rim or water line.

makeup steps Taking your time, draw along the inside of your lower eyelid.  This part takes a little practice, so go as slowly as you need. 

makeup steps After the inner rim is lined, draw another line just along that lower lash line. 
You need¹t be too particular about the tidiness of the line, because we¹re getting to the fun part.

How To Makeup Jack Sparrows Sexy Smudgy Eyes
Pencils down! Now it¹s time for some shadow...

makeup steps With your angle brush, apply a little shadow just above that line on your upper eyelid.
makeup steps Do the same underneath your eyes, brushing the shadow down a little further.

Alright, here¹s the aforementioned fun part... Smudging! 
My favorite part of any dramatic eye look is the blending.

For Pirate Jack, we¹re gonna blend old school with our fingers! 
makeup steps Using that ring finger again (it¹s rumored to be your ³weakest² finger, and thereby the one least likely to damage the delicate skin around your eyes), smudge out that upper eyeliner, blending it all over your eyelid.

makeup steps With that same kohl-y finger, gently rub under your eyes, from the inside out and in something of a half-circle.

makeup stepsTo finish, dust a little bit of a colorless translucent powder to set your fabulous eyes!

There you have it, all ye landlubbers! The secret to Captain Jack¹s gorgeous and mysterious eyes...



How To Makeup Jack Sparrows Sexy Smudgy Eyes

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