How To Do A Home Pedicure For Pretty Feet

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Your bath time is the best time for your weekly home pedicure, the warm soapy bath water ensures that your feet and toenails are soft and clean for your pedicure.

Your pedicure for pretty feet begins in your bath; this is where you use your pumice stone or sloughing cream. *Remove any nail polish from toenails before entering your bath.*

You want gently work off any callused, rough skin around your heels, on the balls of your feet, and along the sides of your soles.

Using a pumice stone on the bottoms of your feet tickles but you should not be using your pumice stone so hard that it hurts you.

If your feet are suffering from any warts or corns, you must leave these to your podiatrist, do not pick at, or remove yourself. You will do more harm than could and put your feet at risk of infection. In addition, that does not make for pretty feet.

When you finished your bath and as you dry, do not neglect to dry your feet well. Include the top, sides, and bottom of your feet when you apply your after bath body moisturizer

How To Do A Home Pedicure For Pretty Feet ~ Pedicure For Pretty Feet
Wrap up in your favorite robe and choose a comfortable spot that gives you good direct light.

How To Do A Home Pedicure For Pretty Feet ~ Pedicure For Pretty Feet

You Will Need:
Cotton Balls
Cuticle Cream
Emery Board
Nail Polish Remover
Nail Scissors
Orangewood Stick
Optional: Foam Wedge to separate your toes
Small paper bag for used cottons

Remove any residual nail polish remaining on your toes with the cotton balls.
Apply a softening cuticle cream all around toenails to include the sides as well as the cuticle.
Massage in well and then gently use your orangewood stick to push back the cuticle.

Only cut cuticles if they are rough using metal clippers and taking only the tiniest snips. If possible, leave for your next pedicure appointment with your aestheticians

Using the orange stick clean the sides and behind toenails. Trimming your toenail with scissors is a better choice than using nail clippers. Nail clippers can be brutal if your toenails are brittle, sometimes causing cracks deep down the center of the nail.

Trim long nails with scissors. A good guide to use for toenail length is the toe itself.
Your nail should end just where your toe ends and not extend past. While length may be attractive for your fingernails, it is not for your toenails.home pedicure

You will use your emery board next shaping and smoothing you’re just cut nails. You do not need to be as concerned about shaping your toenails as you do with your fingernails. No nail should be extending past the toe if you used guide. However, you must pay attention to the corners of the nails on your big toes.
Only on the big toes, file the nail inward a bit rounding to help prevent in grown toenails.

Using your toe wedge or cotton balls, separate your toes.
Apply a base coat; it is a good habit to give your toenails the full treatment as you would your fingernails in a manicure. As you can use many of the darker and brighter shades of nail polish on your toes, a base coat will help prevent nail discoloration from the use of these.

How To Do A Home Pedicure For Pretty Feet ~ Polish Application
This is a perfect method for apply toenail polish with no smudging.
For right-handed ~ Start with your big toe to little toe on your right foot
Then little toe to big toe on your left foot.
For left-handed, simply reverse!

home pedicureWhen the base coat is dry follow with nail polish, it is so important to let the first coat dry before applying a second. Try using a light hand and not applying as thickly as you would the second coat.

For toenail polish, you can use colors you may not have chosen for your fingernails,
All the brighter and darker shades are great for toenails.

Finish with a topcoat when dry, some polishes can take up to half an hour to dry, Do not remove the cotton balls or wedges from your toes until dry.

You can add fingernail tattoos or nail jewelry for a fun look.
For open toed heels or sandals, choose a shade that compliments, the polish do not have to match your shoes or dress.

How To Do A Home Pedicure For Pretty Feet

A beautiful finish for a summer look is a French Manicure on your toenails. This is especially lovely if you are wearing on your fingernails as well. It is a classy and sophisticated look and worth trying at least once.

For a natural look, omit base coat and
Use a professional nail buffer to bring your toenails to a beautiful healthy shine and glow.
If this is your full-time choice, tuck a nail buffer near your TV chair and buff as you watch. If done gently you can never over buff your nails.
You now have pretty feet, and you are ready to put on those sexy open shoes or sandals,

Do not forget to dance.


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How To Do A Home Pedicure For Pretty Feet

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How To Do A Home Pedicure For Pretty Feet
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How To Do A Home Pedicure For Pretty Feet

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How To Do A Home Pedicure For Pretty Feet

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How To Do A Home Pedicure For Pretty Feet

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