How To Cover And Color Mens Gray Hair

For men who choose to cover and color grey hair you have many options. Many men today color their hair simply to cover up their grey hair.

Unfortunately, regular hair color is actually quite resistant to covering up those grey hairs. There is a particular additive used in specific hair color treatments in order to get to those grey hairs and color them to cover them up.

This formula works much better than any other regular hair coloring treatment. This is especially true if your grey hair is shiny.

It will be more resistant to a hair coloring treatment. You will need to find a hair coloring treatment that is particularly formulated for covering up and coloring grey hair.

However, some men do not have this type of grey hair, and can just pick up any hair coloring product they would like to use and color their hair with it.

How Do Men’s Grey Hair Color Products Differ?
You have probably already checked the mirror to see if your grey hair is shiny or not, and you now know what type of grey hair type you have. By now, you are probably wondering why there are different kinds of hair color formulas and why. Here is a brief look at the different types of hair color products:

mens gray hair templesHow To Cover And Color Mens Gray Hair
Temporary Hair Color: This type of hair treatment will not last long at all. The next time you shampoo your hair it will be gone. You will probably notice that the water dripping from your hair is not clear, but the actual color of the product you used to color it.

You might want to wash the tub out when you are done, and use a towel that you do not mind throwing away. If there is any of that temporary hair color still there it can rub off on your towel. However, temporary hair color for grey hair is a good choice if you are not sure if you want to color your grey hair.

Be sure to choose the same hair color as your own. If you choose one that is even one shade darker than your own you will have it longer than the next shampoo.

How To Cover And Color Mens Gray Hair
Semi-Permanent Hair Color: This is another type of temporary hair coloring, as it will only last through about six to twelve shampoos later. Again, if you are not sure you want to keep the color and are trying some out you might want to choose a semi permanent hair color that will wash out soon.

However, just as with the temporary hair color, do your best to not go even one shade darker than your own hair color or you will be stuck with it longer than you should be.

How To Cover And Color Mens Gray Hair
Permanent Hair Color: This type is, well, permanent. If you color your hair with a permanent hair-coloring product you will not be getting rid of it any time soon. You will have to let your hair grow out the color, shave your head, or try to recolor it another shade.

So, if you have chosen properly by trying out some of those temporary hair colors you may have found one that you like the best, and one that looks the best on you. That is when you should go with a permanent hair coloring. Just make sure you do some touch ups on the roots of your hairs about every eight weeks.

So, try out some different temporary hair coloring products made specifically for covering up grey hair and find the one that you like the best.

Then go with a permanent hair color. Make sure you carefully follow the directions found in the box and use gloves to protect your skin. The dye will color your skin as well, so do your best to keep it off your skin, or wash it off your skin right away.

You can still look great and cover up those grey hairs with the right hair coloring products.

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How To Cover And Color Mens Gray Hair


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