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How To Choose Vintage Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

Feminine Beauty

Feminine beauty is expressed, to a very large extent, by the correct proportions of your figure and particularly your head. Your face shape as we now refer to the "Study Of Proportions" is as important for a vintage hairstyle as it is for any other trendy hairstyle of today.

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This section has a wealth of information on studying your face shape and knowing which styles are for you. In all arts dealing with the beauty of a woman's head and face, the ideal and perfect proportions are determined by dividing the face into three equal parts.

perfect oval face shapeIn this illustration a perfectly proportioned head so divided.

The lower third of the face reaches from the chin to the nose.

The next third from the nose to the eyebrows.

The upper third from the eyebrows to the hairline on her forehead.

The space above this, from the hairline to the highest point of the crown of the head should measure three quarters of its entire height.

The head itself should measure one eighth of the height of a fully developed woman. These perfect proportions are not, however, found in many women.

Often our head is too big for the body: the forehead too high or the lower part of the face too short or too long.

We also find any number of other abnormal features of the face or parts of the face.

A knowledge of the correct proportions of your head and features is valuable in creating vintage hairstyles most flattering and help in minimizing certain disproportionate lines and features.

Even a perfectly styled hairdo can be very unbecoming if the simple laws of proportion have not been taken into consideration, and sadly may even accentuate the already unaesthetic points.

The following pages in this section of face shape and proportions demonstrates the theory of line and proportion as it applies to the most frequently met concerns.

If you study these illustrations it will help you in developing a sharper sense of face shape and recognize facial irregularities and we all do have a few of those. Knowing this you will be able to choose your perfect vintage hairstyles.

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