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How To Care For Your Oily Skin

Skin Care For Oily Complexions

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The Recognition Factors Of Oily Skin

A Course Texture And Enlarged Pores
This condition is especially prevalent during teen years. As skin matures the pores tend to recede and the skin texture becomes somewhat finer.

Greasy Finish
Marked by a persistent shine throughout the day, particularly in the T-Zone {nose, chin and forehead areas.} Oily skin will have enlarged pores especially on nose and chin areas and blemishes are common.

Often a condition of young oily skin, characterized by chronic inflammation of the sebaceous glands, causing pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads.

Absorbs Makeup
Because of this underlying oil, the skin tends to "drink up" whatever makeup is applied to its surface, sometimes causing the makeup to change color.

Attracts Oil
Like a magnet, oil tends to attract dirt and grime: therefore oily skin remains clean for a shorter period of time than other types of skin.

Skin Texture
The cheeks and eye areas will appear soft and supple with minimal lines around the eyes and mouth.

How To Care For Your Oily Skin ~ Special Needs For Oily Skin

Choose: non-greasy formulas that can help control oil and shine — Noncomedogenic products that will not clog pores. A cleansing routine without harsh scrubbing techniques that over-stimulate the sebaceous glands and create more oil production Cleansers that will keep the skin clean and free of oils Sunscreen in a daytime moisturizer

Some suggestions to make pores appears smaller: Cleanse the skin especially well with oil free cleanser Use an oil-free toner, conditions your skin to the proper pH level to accept other maintenance products for your skin Use a deep cleansing masque to reach deep down to clean out pores and reduce surface sebum levels. Apply an oil-free moisturizing lotion especially to areas that may feel dry. Moisturizing creates a barrier, which slows the loss of moisture.

Your Skin Care Routine:

Use a cleansing product rated for normal-to-oily skin
Use toner (conditions your skin to the proper pH level to accept other maintenance products for your skin
Apply moisturizer; many now come with built-in formulas to lift, reduce lines, creases, age spots, and offers UVA/UVB Protection. (A=sunscreen to reduce aging, B= to reduce burning)
Moisturizing creates a barrier, which slows the loss of moisture because of drying environmental factors.
Other maintenance products should be applied before the final moisturizer.
Eye creams are applied last

Step 1 ~ How To Care For Your Oily Skin ~ A Basic Cleansing Routine For Oily Skin

Deep Cleansing For Removing Makeup

Use the appropriate cleanser
Apply your cleanser to your face with your fingertips.
Starting at the center of your forehead, massage out to the temples.
From the center of your nose, massage out to the cheek area and from there to your temples.
At your jaw line, massage downward onto your neck area with firm, even strokes.
Remove cleanser with tissue and then rinse well with warm water.

Step 2 ~ Nighttime After Basic Cleansing

Splash your face with warm water
Saturate a sponge or facecloth with a good pure soap.
Repeat upward and outward movements with the lather.
Rinse well with repeated splashes of warm water.
Pat dry with an absorbent towel, but do not rub

Step 3 ~ Toning With A Herbal Astringent

Saturate a cotton ball and pat the astringent onto you're skin, working outward from the center of your forehead, nose, mouth, and chin area.
Rinse with cool water and blot dry with a clean cloth, not rubbing.

Step 4

Optional: Lightly apply an ice cube wrapped in a piece of cloth over the area with enlarged pores, such as forehead, nose, and chin, your T Zone.
Rinse with cool water and blot dry with a clean cloth, not rubbing.

Step 5 ~ How To Care For Your Oily Skin ~ Balancing

Use a light-textured moisturizer or eye oil on your eye area and on the throat and neck only.

Morning After Basic Cleansing
Start with Step 2 and 3 as above in Basic cleansing, then proceed to Step 5—Balancing.
Use moisturizer under your daily makeup.
Apply it around your eyes and on your throat only.
Massage until absorbed.

How To Care For Your Oily Skin ~ Special Treatments For Oily Skin

Twice weekly, use an abrasive cleanser or bufpuf during step 2 to scrub and buff the skin, removing the dead cells.

Once weekly, substitute a mask for step 2.
First apply a small amount of moisturizer to your eye and throat areas.
Now smooth on a thin layer of natural clay masque or special oily skin mask with fingertips, wait two minutes and reapply to forehead, nose and chin areas.
Relax for ten minutes and allow the mask to dry.
Apply iced compresses {damp towels placed in freezer to thoroughly chill} for ten minutes, allowing opening for nostrils, this will aid in contracting enlarged pores.
Remove masque with repeated splashes of cool water.
Blot dry with a clean towel, again with no rubbing

How To Care For Your Oily Skin ~ Herbal Astringent Oily Skin

Combine 1 ounce camomile, 3 tablespoons witch hazel, 1/2 teaspoon cider vinegar, 1 ounce peppermint herb, and 1/4 ounce tincture of benzoin {the benzoin is optional, use if you wish to include a preservative.}
Boil the mixture in 8 ounces of water
Cool and refrigerate. Keep refrigerated between each use.
In hot weather this is wonderfully refreshing, just apply with cotton ball or keep your astringent in a spray bottle, be sure to close your eyes when misting.
Optional: You can add a few drops of food coloring for color or a few drops of peppermint extract for scent.


How To Care For Your Oily Skin

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