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How To Blow Dry Your Hair

blow drying hairEvery good style starts with a good blow-dry and it is possible to do it at home, if you follow each of the steps that I have listed. Remember that blow-drying takes practice, so are patient and soon your efforts will look professional.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 15 minutes approximately


What You Need:

A blow dryer that offers between 1200 and 1500 watts
Sectioning clips
Straightening balm if hair has curl
Large round brush

How To Blow Dry Your Hair:

Apply your favorite straightening balm if hair has unwanted curl or wave
Gently detangle hair, create part and allow to 90% air dry
Horizontally section hair leaving a section free
Pull up remainder of hair and pin in place with sectioning clips on top of head
Divide the free hair into 4 manageable sections depending on thickness and length
Hold dryer in one hand, brush in the other
Choose one of the 4 sections and move the brush and the blow-dryer vertically, directing airflow down the hair shaft.
This will also create shine as you close the cuticle
Continue from section to section of free hair until all the sections are dry and smooth
Remove clips, horizontally section off more hair and allows this new section to fall loose
Re-clip damp hair on top of head continues the drying steps as described above until all of the hair is completely dry
Style with a brush to coax desired movement and then spray to hold.


It is important that your blow-dryer be light enough to hold easily. Holding your arms over your head can be tiring.
Your hairspray should be strong enough to hold your style without leaving your hair crunchy.

While short hair is often finger dried for an edgier look, long hair can also benefit from this technique.

This particular style requires that you know how to dry it in a particular way.

Follow the directions below and you should be able to manage this style quite easily.

How to Finger Dry Your Hair

What You Need:

A hairdryer and diffuser (can be used but is not necessary)
Your favorite gel (should be strong holding)
Your favorite hairspray

blow drying hair
Step-by-Step Instructions

Shampoo and then blot hair to absorb as much of the water as possible.
Apply a generous amount of hair gel and distribute evenly to your hair.
Using fingers run them through the hair, lifting and moving the hair forward.

If you are short on time, you can use the diffuser attachment, gently dry your hair.

You are almost finished. This is where you can pick up a large barreled curling iron and add a little movement at the front of the hair.

When hair is dry, and the effect matches the photo, mist with your favorite hairspray to hold the style for the day

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How To Blow Dry Your Hair

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